Market Access & Scale Up

Gain business intelligence and insights to access new markets. We will help you with a killer Strategy that will bring results.

Sales Representation

Over 30 years Sales experience in our team. We are passionate about delivering results and acquiring new clients as your business partner.

Business Development

We have over 6000 contacts in over 20 Europe Countries. You will be connected to our global ecosystems networks to rapidly grow your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital is second nature to us. Tap into our digital expertise to attract, retain and engage new and existent clients.

We are Digital Health experts who represent and support your company to acquire new clients in a new market.

Why Work with Us ? We charge our clients based on the value that we offer, usually our clients give us 5 goals and we'll help achieve them. We offer our clients fast market access for rapid growth into UK and Europe. Our highly targeted approach will guarantee results. Our efforts to help you set us apart, we will connect you with our truly global networks.


We work with innovative companies in the health technology industry. We believe that digital health will seriously disrupt people's lives. Our mission is to make a strong impact on people's lives through digital health.

We help you expand your customer base, create strategic partnerships and access new markets. You will benefit from our network of over 6000 influencing contacts in over 20 European Countries, this includes membership organisations, media partners and international ecosystems.

We are experts in Wearable Technologies, Digital Health , IoT ( Internet of Things ) and Big Data.


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João Bocas

Digital Health Influencer
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Manuel Estudillo

International Business Strategist
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Miguel Sanchiz

Global Digital Connector