Market Access & Scale Up

Gain business intelligence and insights to access new markets. We will help you with a killer Strategy that will bring results.

Business Development & Sales

We have over 6000 contacts in over 20 Europe Countries. You will be connected to our global ecosystems networks to rapidly grow your business.

Thought Leadership & Expertise

We operate at senior level and leverage our expertise helping our clients. We were present at the inception of globalization in digital health innovation.

Digital Marketing

Digital is second nature to us. Tap into our digital expertise to attract, retain and engage new and existent clients.

Digital Health Experts - Digital Salutem is a global strategy consultancy dedicated to digital health innovation.

We work with other leaders who are serious about entering the UK and Europe Markets. Providing blended expertise in market research, strategic consultancy, business development and digital communications. We work alongside our clients to create practical, winning and innovative strategies that ensure results and commercial success.


We are focused on 5 practice areas : Deep Research and Market Entry ; Competitor Analysis & Strategy ; Business Development & Positioning ; Thought Leadership & Expertise and MultiChannel Marketing.

Our unification of expertise generates the spark of energy needed to uncover the potential of your product, brand and organization.

We are experts in Wearable Technologies, Digital Health , IoT ( Internet of Things ) and Big Data.


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João Bocas

Digital Health Influencer
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Manuel Estudillo

International Business Strategist
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Miguel Sanchiz

Global Digital Connector