Start Ups Growth

We love helping start ups to grow fast, connecting with the right partners , act strategically and ultimately become a success story.

Life Sciences & Pharma

We help leading life sciences and pharmaceutical companies to be digitally competent and efficient with new solutions.

Health & Social Care

We are passionate about helping healthcare and social care providers adopt and implement new innovative solutions successfully.

Technology & Innovation

We help innovative and disruptive technology companies to be ahead of the competition and make an impact in the marketplace.

We believe that digital health will seriously disrupt people's lives.

Our mission is to make a strong impact on people's lives through digital health. Our vision is to become a well known global brand.


We are digital health experts who help innovative companies compete and excel within the growing health technology industry. We work with clients from Nordic, Scandinavian, Baltic and Europe countries, helping them to build their businesses in UK and Europe.

We help you expand your customer base, create strategic partnerships, and open up new markets. You'll access and benefit from our network of over 5000 influencing contacts in over 10 European Countries, this includes membership organisations, media partners and relevant ecosystems. We are experts in Wearable Technologies, Digital Health , IoT ( Internet of Things ) and Big Data.

Whereas everybody is building high-tech products, we are here to help your innovation succeed in the business world.

Thought Leaders

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João Bocas

Digital Health Influencer
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Constantina Muston

Disruptive Innovator
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Lorena MacNaughtan

Digital Health Strategist