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Digital Health, Healthcare, mHealth, Wearables
There’s no denying that the popularity of wearables is gaining momentum. However, manufacturers are aiming to go beyond being mere fitness gadgets and a technological trend to becoming accepted as valued medical devices utilized by the healthcare sector. It’s a new beginning of Wearables in Healthcare. keep reading

Digital Health, Healthcare, Internet Of Things IoT, mHealth
  The use of Internet of Things in Healthcare is going to be revolutionary in the next years. IoT is now pretty much in everything we touch in our modern lives, technology is now a common denominator in most of everybody’s life. IoT is seeing by many sceptics and conservatives as a buzz word, however we truly believe that IoT is more than that. IoT in Healthcare has an enormous potential, but practical applications are crucial in order to represent value and impactful delivery. In Healthcare innovation is extremely important to consider user-driven innovation for big and small problems, in order to achieve true systematic disruption organisations challenge existent paradigms and find new radical solutions that clearly show value creation. Doctors and care facilities, such as hospitals, assisted living centres and outpatient clinics are increasingly using advanced technologies to improve their operations and patient care. That the IoT is becoming an fundamental part of society and healthcare is also seen in the numbers.  keep reading