Digital Marketing in Healthcare Conference 2016

Digital Salutem invites you to join Digital Marketing in Healthcare will be taking place in London, UK, on the 26th & 27th October 2016. The two day event will unite senior marketing executives from Pharma & Healthcare.

The Venue: Digital Marketing in Healthcare Conference will take place at the Copthorne Tara Kensington (Scarsdale Place, Kensington London W8 5SY Tel: 020 7937 7211)

The role of technology in healthcare is increasing every year, alongside the public demand for more integrated health services and self-management. The Holy Grail of affordable, accessible and improved healthcare will only transform once all parties sit down together to develop an ecosystem which aligns their interests and puts the patient at the centre. Digital health holds the potential for earlier diagnosis of chronic conditions and improved and low-cost treatment alongside more outpatient treatment opportunities. Already, the trend in developed markets is to shift from volume-based care to value-based care .


We are poised to dramatically improve the quality of disease detection and management by the growing adoption of personal medical devices, social media, and electronic medical records, “big data” has the potential to transform the industry — but only if companies can translate it into actionable business intelligence that will revolutionize healthcare delivery provides a unique platform uniting industry perspectives to discuss solutions and strategies for a system-wide digital health approach for both newly executed and expanding programs.

Healthcare industry is on the cusp of the third wave of IT adoption, and that now is the time for it to go all in on digital strategies. Discover the emerging and disruptive trends in healthcare. Understanding what patients want – and what is purely myth—can help pave the way. Gain insight on which adoption strategy to choose and how to implement it based on lessons learned from early adopters. Bridge the gap consumer strategies and clinicians operations. Find out where to focus on digital innovation and when to drive digital transform. Most importantly understand how to align and prepare the organization to do so.

This inner circle event is a must attend event for Pharma &  Healthcare Marketing Executives with a primary objective to deliver a multi-channel marketing strategies for their organization. Learning how to most efficiently utilize inter-operable marketing platforms, engage consumers, improve outcomes and lower costs.  Find out why healthcare has been so slow in properly implementing multi channel and how we can catch up with  other consumer based industry.

Key reasons to attend the Digital Marketing in Healthcare Conference 2016 include:

–  Commercial model innovation: Rethink your operating model to stay ahead of your competition

–  Next Generation Recruitment:  Optimize your workforce & maximize commercial success

–  Patient engagement: Build social value with an engaging and targeted multichannel strategy

–  Digital transformation: Drive digital capabilities throughout your organization

–  Meaningful collaborations partnerships: Foresee the partnerships that will change the future of Pharma and healthcare providers. Collectively act upon marketing and sales purposes in order to sustain future growth and performance in years to come.

–  Key areas in digital strategy: Discuss topics such as digital transformation, change management and patient engagement

Joao BocasWearables Expert Speaker & Digital Health Influencer at Digital Salutem is going to take part on Day 2 Session 7 Investment & Commercialization of Healthcare Technology with Assaf Barnea, CEO at Sanara Ventures.


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