Internet of Healthcare Conference

We took part in the Internet of Healthcare conference last week. The event took place at Richmond Hill Hotel on the outskirts of London.

The Wearables Expert, Joao Bocas in an Interview for TelecomTV: Wearables are building an ‘Internet of Transactions’:  

It was an interesting 2 days where several speakers addressed IoT propositions and issues related to HealthcareIoT in Healthcare is now seen one of the biggest opportunities in terms of marketplace business revenues potential and solution based connected methodologies. Many experts defend that over 20 Billion connected devices will be used by 2020, that leads to a major disruption in terms of connectivity and personal lives centred enablement.

In healthcare, as any other industry many challenges resurfaced when personal data is concerned. In terms of best practices, it might seem simpler to think if security and personal data is secure then all is well. However at Digital Salutem we believe that other issues associated with connected devices will be present : how to collected the data in the first place ( which seem peculiar, but it represents a huge challenge specially if we talk about Wearables and medical devices ). The reliability of the data, when talking about Medical grade data.  Professionals need to be 100% confident in order to make judgments and accurate decisions about people centred healthcare. 

When we deliver our session at the Internet of Healthcare, the topic covered How will wearables Transform the future of Health:

Our very own João Bocas, Digital Health Influencer and pronounced Thought leader exposed and addressed many issues related to the future of healthcare increating new delivery pathways. It’s not as easy or simple as you can think, by nature Healthcare is complex due to the multifaceted elements associated to the industry and stakeholders in the process.


Some of the conclusions from the session was that, in order to create a new effective and revolutionary delivery model oneself needs to stop and evaluate what’s already in place and make radical changes or eradicate the points that won’t work with new healthcare pathways.

Our deep expertise in Wearables technologies leads us to conclude that the new generation of Wearables is here to stay. We recently come across a very innovative company – Profusa , they aim to become market leaders. At present they are developing the next generation of biosensors enabling human being to get continuously health insights about their health status, furthermore small sensors will go beyond previous capabilities “ reading” your body biochemistry which represents a very novice and ground breaking innovation when it comes to wearable technologies.

In Conclusion the Internet of Healthcare was a success and we enjoyed our participation, we’ve meet stakeholders from Odense University Hospital true innovators in their own right and a major personal health connected manufacture from France, the International participation empathise the size of the opportunity and also remind us industry professionals that challenges can only be overcome when we work collaboratively.