WHINN October 2017

WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation, is one of its kind – one week with conferences, side events, exhibition, matchmaking and networking activities – all within health and innovation. It is all about innovation, new technologies and sustainable solutions, or so to say, the values which are at the heart of progress.   At WHINN, you will gain new knowledge, inspiration and insight in the newest research and international trends. Several conferences, events and initiatives are part of WHINN. The result is unexpected encounters and new contacts, which could be the beginning of new business, new collaborations and new opportunities. WHINN 2017 evolves around 3 main currently crucial topics which will reshape healthcare.

This will present a completely new landscape of opportunities and challenges for the healthcare. WHINN features a variety of activities from the exhibition comprising state of the art new product launches, educational sessions, company exhibitions and others, to highly interactive talks and even a matchmaking platform offering opportunities to meet potential partners and investors for new business and for R&D projects. For a full overview of all the events and activities happening from the 9th until the 12th of October please click here and view the WHINN calendar. WHINN is hosted in the city of Odense in Southern Denmark. The third largest city with around 200.000 inhabitants located in the heart of Denmark. It is an area that is known to be a frontrunner within health technology and innovation and gathers some of Denmark’s most interesting activities, within robotics and heath tech. The platform attracts business people, decision makers, politicians, clinicians, end-users and people with general interest in healthcare and health innovation. It features 42 highly knowledgeable, diverse and visionary speakers. One of these speakers and also a WHINN ambassador is our CEO, Wearables Expert, Top 100 Global Digital Health Influencer & Keynote Speaker, Joao Bocas. His talk will evolve around the future of wearable tech, current trends on personalized medicine, value based healthcare, and the focus in the individual. To view the full list of speakers please click here. We, Digital Salutem, would love to meet you on this event. Please contact us if your present and we can have a coffee and some interesting talks. All there is to say now, attend WHINN 2017 and meet the world key players within the health innovation community.