Top 3 Trends in Wearables

We have been involved in the wearables market for a long time. We analyse trends and we stay up-to-date with all upcoming innovations and the new things happening in the wearable market.

Wearable Trend 1: Medical devices
Medical devices is the first trend in wearables we would like to talk about. While back turning a wearable or even a non-wearable to a medical device was very challenging. However we have noticed is that wearables having a form of medical devices appearing in the marketplace more often in the forms of sensors, skin patches and even wearables on our bodies. All these wearables analyse the data, detecting body changes and giving that insight about us, human beings, collecting data to perhaps a mobile application.

Wearable Trend 2: Smartwatches and earwears

Smartwatches and earwear are leading the way in terms of the marketplace in sales. In 2019, smartwatches have 41.9% of the marketplace and earwear with the 32.3%, followed by the traditional wristbands and other wearables. This is a research conducted by IDC, the leading research company on wearables market. 


Wearable Trend 3: Intersection of Wearables with other emerging technologies 

The last trend is the intersection of wearables with other emerging technologies. We are noticing that wearables and other applications in conjunction with emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, 3D printings… and that is very powerful. We envision that wearables and artificial intelligence are changing the rules in healthcare. Our CEO, João Bocas, was a co-author in a book, 360º Next Generation in Healthcare, where he analysed and expanded on the combination of wearables and artificial intelligence.