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27 December 2021

3 Health Innovations That Will Impact Our Lives In 2022

By João Bocas
3 Health Innovations That Will Impact Our Lives In 2022

Time didn’t stop in March of 2020, but something happened that sped healthcare forward by two decades. That something is Health Innovations.

Health innovations have sped ahead in the healthcare industry since COVID-19

Health innovative is a service with a simple goal – to bring all the healthcare products within reach of everyone. The Covid pandemic accelerated innovation in every aspect of healthcare. Now, as the dust settles, many stakeholders are realizing that their reasons for resisting disruptive tech were unfounded.

Here are 3 health innovations to look forward to in the upcoming year:

Digital health is powering new health innovations

Digital health has already made great strides. Digital health funding is exploding, so get in on the ground floor of the healthcare tech revolution. You’re reading this because you’re part of a revolution. Your healthcare will never be the same. It’s an exciting time to innovate in digital health. Healthcare is set to revolutionize with new and exciting technology and innovation.

Health innovations and digital health technologies, such as artificial intelligence and wearables are changing the healthcare space. Digital health is about more than just new products. It’s about improving lives and making the world a better place to live.

Gone are the days when apps were built just to solve problems that we could physically see in front of us, today a variety of apps exist solely to serve other healthcare needs.

Digital health companies are changing the way providers interact with their patients with marketplaces to order and prescribe digital tools and services directly through the EMR and data exchange solutions to solve data isolation problems for patients. As ell, digital technology is reducing patient’s risk of medication errors.

The benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

The rise of direct to consumer healthcare is making it easier than ever to monitor your patient’s health through home monitoring products. Today patients can monitor their health and movements right from the convenience of their home.

Remote care monitoring can help you remotely notify patients of concerning trends, perform a clinical evaluation, and call the patient to develop a care plan. When used for remote patient monitoring, the key for these programmes is to define criteria for triage nurses to review any concerning trends, perform a clinical evaluation and if necessary call the patient

Remote Patient Monitoring gives you the ability to view patient status remotely, without interrupting their regular schedule of visits. Remote care monitoring has been found to reduce hospital admissions and increase patient satisfaction, increasing the quality of care.

Mental health awareness goes mainstream

Mental health awareness goes mainstream, but we still lack good ways to deal with mental health issues. We can expect a wave of promising solutions with the continued demand for effective tools.

COVID-19 has helped break the stigma around mental health issues and brought solutions to the public market. It’s important to integrate mental health as a part of healthcare solutions.

We will continue to see mental health apps, but questions around effectiveness and outcomes will plague their progress. In 2022, we can expect more demand for solutions, but innovators must figure out problems of scale and make a case for the suitability of digital mediums for dealing with issues such as trauma.

But the thing with mental health is that it often has a major negative stigma around it, and people are afraid to talk about it. Those that do choose to get support find themselves bombarded with text-based therapy apps, meditation apps, mindfulness tools, and other solutions that are meant to aid with issues such as trauma, OCD and self-harming by focusing on self-preservation. However, there have been major questions around the efficacy and outcomes of these digital mediums for dealing with issues such as these. Innovators are going to need to figure out how these products can handle high volumes of users in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable using the app in question.


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