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17 October 2023

Andersen Announces a Global Partnership with João Bocas – Enhancing Digital Health with Joint Efforts

By João Bocas
andersen joao partnership

Andersen, a global provider of healthcare software development services, announces a collaboration with João Bocas, a globally recognized healthcare expert. He will be involved in the company’s projects related to software for wearable devices and digital health.

Through this partnership, Andersen and João Bocas aim to explore innovative approaches to digital product development. The expert will bring valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in HealthTech that will contribute to the implementation of innovative features in digital products. 

Sergey Avdeychik, Head of Healthcare Technologies at Andersen, expressed his optimism about the collaboration: “We are excited about the potential of this partnership. João’s in-depth knowledge of industry trends and expertise will help us reimagine how healthcare software products are developed.”

Andersen’s professionals expect that their partnership with João Bocas will result in pioneering solutions that will positively influence patient care.

João Bocas states “Healthcare is going through a profound transformation, in order to be successful working with the right people and selecting the right partners is a must. We are reimagining healthcare together, creating collaborative partnerships, driving innovation, improving patient care and transforming the delivery of digital health services. I am truly excited in having Andersen Healthcare Technologies as a trusted, reliable and reputable healthcare global partner.“

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