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We are digital health experts with over 15 years experience in the industry and a considerable influencial global healthcare network.

We’ve helped many clients to:

  • Rapidly access the right partners to work with
  • Identify the best innovations and companies in the healthcare space
  • Make connections with key industry leaders
  • Contributing with our thought leadership to industry events
  • Engage with important conversations and topics in healthcare

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João Bocas is the #1 Digital Health Influencer

Our CEO João Bocas is a thought leader and leading digital health influencer. He can provide informative insights in digital health and wearable devices.

João regularly contributes to conferences, industry events and webinars to share his digital health and wearables insights and expertise.

He is widely regognized by experts in the digital health industry for his in-depth insights and ability to address the most prominent healthcare industry challenges.

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