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28 February 2017

Digital Hospital: Delivering Better Healthcare While Improving Productivity and Efficiency

By João Bocas

Digital Hospital Is Coming

digital hospital

Digital Hospital is a trend in digital health. Hospitals across Europe are feeling the pressure to meet the many challenges to improve healthcare standards. These include everything from the improvement of productivity to the capacity to respond to the increasing demand all while taking into consideration funding limitations.

The adoption of digital technology is the desired approach. However, there are many factors to consider; the implementation of new ICT solutions being the first.

The goal is to allow data to be shared between patients and providers quickly and efficiently. As digital technology aims to go put into place the most preventive measures to keep citizens healthy. With these solutions, the objective is early intervention to reduce the risk of hospital admissions. 

However, despite what appears to be a very innovative approach to transforming healthcare dramatically, limitations in funding and expertise still exist. Fortunately, there are already some healthcare providers who are trailblazing with digital technology, giving the world a glimpse of its potential. 

Digital Hospital Pioneers 

Named after the town in Spain where it was initially launched, the Alzira model provides free, universal access to a range of health services to its local population. The healthcare provider Ribera Salud adopted this model. 

Relying on an integrated clinical, business, and ICT model, Ribera Salud ensures that work is carried out in the most efficient setting. Utilizing a set of indicators and algorithms, the ICT system allocates the personal data of the local population into 12 different risk groups. Through the analysis of the broad amount of data, preventive measures are put into place for its high-risk citizens while also taking into account the health service needs of its local population. 

Furthermore, the digital system has the capability to provide a detailed profile on the costs of each patient, broken down by procedure. This valuable information can identify the cost comparison of preventive care vs. curing patients. These patients were admitted to hospital because no preventive measures were put into place. 

Another world leader in digital healthcare is Denmark. In this country digitalizdigital hospitalation plays a significant role. Investing more than 10 billion euro in the construction of 16 new intelligent hospitals. Denmark is certainly not falling behind in developing an innovative solution to meet the challenges of improving healthcare standards. 

The biggest project, the New Odense University Hospital, is scheduled to open in 2022. Operating both inside and outside the hospital, information and knowledge will be integrated throughout its network. This free flow of information is expected to allow its staff to perform their tasks in the most efficient way possible. 

Digital Hospital In UK

Inspired by Alzira and the Odense models, the NHS in the UK have selected 12 of its most digitally advanced hospitals. The are selected to become the industry leaders in the representation of the impact that digital technology. They will have on the positive development in healthcare.

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