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23 March 2017

What Is Driving Digital Transformation Is Data

By João Bocas

Our CEO, João Bocas went to Brussels on 21st of March to be part of EIT Digital Conference: Insights on Europe’s Digital Transformation as our company Digital Salutem is involved in EIT Digital.

It was the perfect place for developing one of our favorites activities, networking. We recorded some videos and from them we have extracted some useful insights to share with all of you.

Find the useful insights about the EIT Digital Conference in the following videos:


The opening Welcome Keynote with Willem Jonker ( CEO EIT Digital )

He states that : ¨To be successful you need to start with a global vision and mindset.¨
Finishes his keynote with a big statement: ¨What is driving digital transformation is data, as the oil of digital economy.¨

Keynote of Roberto Viola – Director General of DG CONNECT 

He talks about The European Landscape and its challenges and one the most remarcable input is: ¨Personalized Medicine is the future of Digital Health.¨

Panel Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Chahab Nastar ( Chief Innovation Officer at EIT Digital ) , Henry Tirri ( EVP and CTO at Harman International ) and Karen Boers ( Managing Director & CEO European Startup Network )

Here, Karen Boers observes: ¨Everything seems to move a little slow at European level and that needs to change.¨

And Henry Tirri says: ¨The Digitalization is going on forever… and bits are eating atoms.¨
We look forward to your feedback, let us know if we can helping you to connect with any pan-European Stakeholders.

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