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22 June 2016

eHealth Week 2016

By João Bocas

We were delighted in contributing to the eHealth Week 2016. The event took place in Amsterdam – Beurs Van Berlage.

eHealth Week 2016 was organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health as part of the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and HIMSS Europe. This year’s educational programme will focus on three main themes: Empowering PeopleTrust & Standards and Social Innovation & Transition.

At Digital Salutem we think of ourselves as innovators, collaborators and thought leaders in healthcare innovation. We are Digital Health experts who represent and support companies to acquire new clients in a new market.

Our collaborative approach in the digital health landscape is at forefront of our activities, and this time at eHealth Week 2016 we further our connections with relevant ecosystems in Europe.

Please watch Joao Bocas, Digital Health Influencer & Thought Leader at Digital Salutem, interviewing Lars Kalfhaus, General Manager at Roche Diabetes Care Spain & Emminens Healthcare SL, about Big Data  for Integrated Care & Its role in helping managing chronic diseases: 

We were selected by HIMSS Europe to be an event Partner at eHealth Week 2016 and WoHIT ( World of Health IT ) taking place in Barcelona on 21- 22 November 2016  book your place here

Our involvement was significant from the outset in promoting and spreading the word within our networks. Besides all the work involved with the event, we also had some fun along the way, including keeping up with tweets on #pinksocks.


Furthermore, we’ve had a fantastic time in truly inspiring planetary sessions, matchmaking meetings, interesting discussions with other Stakeholders about the direction of eHealth innovation and its place at the heart of public health to better serve populations and collaborate whenever possible with our international counterparts.

We all know that there are many challenges along the way, however if we keep working together we are sure that we can accelerate innovation at an immense speed. Solving issues in partnership, sharing ideas, passing on knowledge and experiences to each other to endeavor the end result is the best possible outcome to those we are trying to serve, whether they are patients, communities, healthcare colleagues, a country health system or even just educate ourselves in the process.

The eHealth Week community is now set to meet in Malta on 10-12 May 2017, please save the date.

A final note goes to all involved with ehealth week, including the Dutch Government, European Commissioners, the exhibitors, the innovators, all the attendees and let’s not forget the brilliance and hard work of the HIMSS Europe team for the endless commitment and energy for making this possible for all of us.

All the best in name of digital health innovation for now and we look forward to seeing all very soon.

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