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22 March 2017

EIT Digital Conference – Insights on Europe’s Digital Transformation

By João Bocas

EIT Digital Conference

Joao Bocas EIT Digital Conference

The digital transformation agenda in Europe is extremely important for future economic growth. EIT Digital have put together an incredible event where the focus on the Digital Transformation was at the heart of the conference.

This company is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

EIT Digital supports the innovation community by bringing together students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs. Their work is very diversified, the support they offer ranges from go to market strategies to investment matchmaking and pretty much everything in between.

Digital Salutem was present at the event, with the intent of absorbing and digest the digital European strategic plans, understand and contribute to the Pan-European landscape and also get familiarised with the main challenges faced in such a major type of implementation agenda. We feel very fortunate in being associated with the EIT Digital Conference, as it helps us to serve our clients and partners with concrete market expertise and intelligent insights.

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The Event

The event programme had a great balance, with a variety of sessions covering main important items in the agenda of any scale up organisation. As an example of this was the session on Scaling Up throughout Europe with Dolf Wittkämper ( EIT Digital ) and Daniel Michel ( EIT Digital ).

Click here or in the following picture for watching the Periscope video of the session:

EIT Digital Conference Video

There were many other interesting sessions, I particularly enjoyed the panel on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Chahab Nastar ( EIT Digital ), Henry Tirri ( Harman International ) and Karen Boers ( & European Startup Network ).

The conference was a mix of learning, strategic understanding of the Europe challenges in carrying out and implementing the Digital Transformation agenda and of course business networking with fellow innovators, business developers and entrepreneurs.

Our Insights

I would like to highlight a few insights and take ways:

  • Europe is still larking behind if we compare with US and ASIA in terms of Digital. Those two latter markets are faster with digital, as they offer a less fragmented type of challenge in terms of digital acceleration.
  • The importance of the having a “ Global Mindset “ is crucial for companies to succeed and become bigger and grow sustainably.
  • The Europe markets present several challenges, including linguist type of barriers which in turn lead innovators to move slower and encounter unique market barriers.
  • The need to have more joint, unified and type of cohesion structure in Europe was apparent.

To round up the article, I had the pleasure of exchanging a few words with Willem Jonker ( CEO EIT Digital ). He is doing a fantastic job in delivering the vision and carry out the mobilization towards a truly pan European ecosystem where we can all benefit from the Innovations action lines covering Digital Finance, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Industry.

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