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15 October 2019

What can the Healthcare Industry learn from Apple?

By João Bocas
apple watch
How Apple and healthcare can be compared?

I have an iPhone and I had a problem with my phone, probably the sensor in the camera. I couldn’t make any video or taking pictures. That is a problem for us, because as you can see our CEO João is always sharing videos and pictures.

So he came to his nearest Apple Store and they said that he needed to make an appoiment for the phone care or they have an emergency appoiment like a doctor. As you know the service and the support of Apple is outstanding.

In this case, they give him two hour and a half delay for an emergency support care appoiment. They sent a text to him taht the appoiment were ready. The phone was in repair for about 45 minutes and the experience was fantastic.

How we can learn from Apple related with healthcare?

First of all, Apple has high quality and innovative products, but they have the service that completes that experience. In healthcare, a lot of companies and health care providers are actually at the forefront of innovation bringing emerging technologies such us artifitial intelligence, machine learning, wearables, robotics… into their solutions but then the processes are archaic. And the customers service, in this case, patient experience, is very bad.

From Apple we can learn a lot. Apple is embedding health into the culture. Apple is innovating in health, digital health. They are bringing big things like an iWatch with a cardiac arrest monitor with ECG. And much more.

So, how healthcare can be improved? how healthcare companies can give a better experience for their patients?
Think about…

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