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01 March 2022

HIMSS 2022 Get Ready To Meet Us

By João Bocas
HIMSS 2022 Get Ready To Meet Us

We are excited to be at HIMSS 2022 and convene in important conversations with you. Please stop by and lets talk

We are extremely excited to be at HIMSS 2022 in sunny Florida – Orlando. HIMSS is a truly global reference event in Health and we are very happy to be present on the ground.

We are very much looking forward to engaging in meaningful and important conversations with you. We are committed to advanced healthcare and contribute to the industry with our knowledge, expertise, and connecting worldwide communities in healthcare.

Our plans at HIMSS 2022

At Digital Salutem we are digital health experts on a mission to make healthcare uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

Let’s make no mistake, as an ambitious organization, we have a deep sense of responsibility to make healthcare more accessible, less costly, more equitable, and of better quality to the end consumer. Alone we can’t change the world, but together we can change the face of healthcare as we see it today.

We are much looking forward to seeing some friends, meeting our customers, contributing to the agenda, and fundamentally challenging the status quo. We feel very strongly about having difficult, however much-needed conversations where Healthcare needs to be unpicked and even turned upside down in order to make changes and necessary future shifts for the industry.

Therefore, we are inviting you to talk to us, to connect with us, to unveil your thinking around any important aspects in healthcare we will promise to engage and envision what’s possible to make a difference in moving important agendas forward.

All our work is underpinned by our deeply embraced values of Integrity and trust, with our main goal in mind of making a significant impact on the global healthcare industry followed by a high dosage of passion in all dealings with others. We feel that this seems to be proven a very inclusive formula that always feeds into our sincere desire to make a significant impact by making healthcare uncomplicated.

We are bringing with us decades of experience in healthcare, a very positive and hopeful outlook for the future, and a big vision to become a leading healthcare player helping our clients and partners to access the best in class technology, where digital healthcare transformation will be a reality for any of you without the complexity often experienced. We will be helping you to implement digital, remote, and virtual technological solutions without the need to overcomplicate things.

Digital Health and the digital transformation of healthcare has been a long time coming, but let’s face it, in the digital age we all know that the customer demands better. Our ethos is only achieved through powerful collaborations, we strongly believe that Healthcare needs to be reimagined, disrupted, and above all made simpler.

What is HIMSS 2022?

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition is where health and technology professionals from across the globe come together for four days of education, inspiration, innovation and collaboration. This annual event – where providers and payers meet experts, entrepreneurs and vendors face-to-face – provides the opportunity to get a glimpse of the future of health. Find there thought leaders and change makers who do just that through inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking education sessions, best practice roundtable discussions and innovative networking events.

There’s no better place than HIMSS to join forces with the best and brightest minds in health information and technology. HIMSS 2022 is the leading health information and technology conference, bringing together 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to transform health through information and technology- all at one time, all in one place.

Furthermore, we are very committed to making a difference in the work and contributing to shaping Healthcare.

We are looking to seeing you at HIMSS 2022, let’s make Healthcare Uncomplicatet together. If you’ll be at HIMSS 2022, we’d love to arrange a meeting. Please contact us by email or call us on +44 (0)20 3362 0421

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