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18 August 2021

How beneficial is Digital Healthcare Transformation for Healthcare Professionals

By João Bocas
digital healthcare transformation

If you’re feeling concerned about the spread of the virus, you’re not alone. Here’s what we know, and how digital healthcare transformation can help healthcare providers prioritise their patients’ safety.

Even before the pandemic, patients have been asking their healthcare providers questions like ‘Will my underlying condition make my reaction worse?’ and ‘What about my prescription medication?’ Healthcare professionals have been trying to answer those questions with limited information.

According to a recent survey by, 88% of HCPs (healthcare professionals) search for information such as drug-drug interactions, dosages, and storage conditions either daily or several times per week. Of those surveyed, the majority said they want all this information in one place.

And throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen how your business can adapt to changing circumstances by building an app that helps people find other survivors in the area, using AI to develop a more effective cure, and scheduling “sick days” for your remote workers. As healthcare has evolved, providing access to medical information has become more and more challenging, with data scattered far and wide on the Internet. This is why now more than ever, it’s our mission to empower healthcare providers worldwide with solutions that help them focus on what they do best—caring for patients, and that is going to be possible due to digital healthcare transformation.

Digital Healthcare Transformation and Big Data, big challenges.

Likewise, when cross-referencing multiple company websites for information pertinent to a treatment plan or procedure can often prove daunting. However, 67% of HCPs do not use these websites, and only 23% are aware that pharmaceutical manufacturers have medical information departments available. We believe this information should be made more readily available, so your company needs digital healthcare transformation to use all that big data.

Studies show that members’ number one complaint is that resources take too long to load, information is difficult to find and the tools are inconvenient to use. Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) are under enormous pressure and can’t afford to waste time wading through tons of paperwork. With digital healthcare transformation practitioners can focus on their patients, and keep waiting rooms moving.

Get your answers in one, searchable resource.

To ensure HCPs have easy access to the latest information, the healthcare industry must harness digital healthcare transformation to build a centralised information resource that supports better data sharing and management. Developing an intuitive search function is key to streamlining the discovery process for HCPs. Integrating natural language programming and artificial intelligence further enhances search capabilities by showing synonyms and context in results, reducing the overall risk that crucial information might be missed.

A collaborative and consolidated resource would increase confidence in the information available. One study found that 68% of HCPs are concerned about bias when searching for medical information, and that having a third-party organisation give a ‘stamp of approval’ would increase their trust in the data provided by medical information departments.

Focus on efficacy or safety?

Healthcare and pharma companies need to embrace digital transformation and accelerate digital projects to arm healthcare providers (HCPs) with tech that helps them do their jobs and free them up to spend more time caring for patients.

We streamline the clinical decision-making process by providing high-quality medical information delivered in an easy to understand format, and allow users to interact with it in a way that is intuitively appealing. For the medical community to achieve its full potential, it will need to partner closely with the health care provider community, and understand how blockchain can power that transformation.


We agree that a successful digital healthcare transformation is challenging, but with Digital Salutem everything is possible. Contact us for more relevant details. To find out more about how we can help you with your Digital Healthcare Transformation, Healthcare organizational growth, or Healthcare brand positioning, please get in touch via phone +44 (0) 203 3620421 or via e-mail:

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