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08 December 2021

How Exciting our First Board Meeting was with our New Board Members

By Miguel Sanchiz
digital salutem first board meeting

We are extremely happy to announce that our first board meeting has taken place virtually. We have welcomed three new board members: Dr. David Pearce, Tatyana Kanzaveli and Elena Birchall. They will share their expertise, experience, and knowledge to help us navigate through the company’s challenges to get closer to accomplishing our mission.

Few days ago we had our first virtual board meeting with the new members and the rest of the team, João Bocas, Miguel Sánchiz, Stacy Hurt and Gil Bashe

We are excited to announce that Dr. David Pearce, Tatyana Kanzaveli and Elena Birchall have agreed to become part of the Digital Salutem team. Their digital health experience will guide us, help us with our mission, and accomplish our goals and fulfil our vision for Healthcare.

The Digital Salutem team is delighted with the addition of three new board members and advisors to the business, we believe that their talent and commitment will enhance the team tremendously and most importantly lead us into this exciting digital health future. We love having board meetings with all of our board members in one place! Its a chance to come together as a team and discuss the latest company developments.

The arrival of new members to our board meeting makes the team stronger and sets our sight to reach our vision for healthcare

Tatyana, Elena and David are the new members on the board, they bring a lot of value to Digital Salutem and we believe that by keeping working together with us on making Healthcare uncomplicated. We know that healthcare digital transformation is a bit challenging but we Digital Salutem we can overcome those challenges and bring success to our clients and partners worldwide.

Digital Salutem is a digital health company on a mission to make Healthcare uncomplicated. Digital Salutem was launched in 2015 out of the need to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. We have been a part of the digital health revolution since its inception and we are determined to continue with our contribution to the way Healthcare is accessed and delivered.

Insights from the team

“It was wonderful to e-meet each other and share our stories of how we got to this place of wanting to make a difference in healthcare through innovations in technology. Unfortunately, when a chronic illness or condition affects you or your family, it all becomes very personal.  You realize first hand how things should and could be better, and you want others to have a better journey.  I’m honored to serve on the Digital Salutem board and drive change with my empathetic colleagues.”
Stacy Hurt, MHA, MBA, Advocate / Speaker / Consultant

“I am a very happy man right now, our Advisory board is complete. The breadth of experience, wisdom and knowledge that we have on our Board is truly astonishing. I will not single anyone out at this stage, but all of you are Stars in your own right !!!! I am convinced that we have the perfect balance in our team and board that covers Healthcare from all possible angles. We have Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors and The Patient Voice all in one place ( in the same room). I cannot express enough how happy I am right now with the caliber of the people around me to drive Digital Health mainstream around the Globe – that’s my mission to really push the boundaries, challenged the status quo, and create a tangible and great impact to people’s lives through better access to quality of healthcare at any time, anywhere regardless of societal factors.”

João Bocas, CEO at Digital Salutem, #DigitalHealth Keynote Speaker & Influencer

“Digital Salutem’s Board of Directors has strengthened its organization with the addition of three new members, Tatyana Kanzaveli, Elena Birchall and Dr. David Pearce. All of them bring a wealth of experience and leadership skills to our organization and will be important assets in helping us fulfill our mission and raise awareness of the digital health movement.”
Miguel Sánchiz, Head of Digital & COO, Digital Salutem

At Digital Salutem we believe that Foundation of all things is Health, and our new board members Tatyana, Elena and David will bring a lot of value to Digital Salutem, whilst working with us to make Healthcare uncomplicated. We will do our best to ensure that they’ll have a lot of fun during their journey with us. We are aware that successful digital healthcare transformation is challenging but with Digital Salutem everything is possible.

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