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16 January 2017

Microsoft Is Empowering Digital Health

By João Bocas

Ever since people started practicing medicine, the goal has been to get more information about what’s wrong with a patient and how to make it right. This has been at the heart of all change and innovation in health and care. But although there is a significant amount of data available today, and it’s doubling every 24 months – the problem currently facing the NHS isn’t having enough data, it’s getting access to, and reasoning over data easily, to provide actionable intelligence, and doing all of this in a cost-effective manner.

Why Microsoft?

microsoft is empowering digital health

They recognise that access to digital services is playing an increasing role across the NHS, helping to address the growing demand for NHS resources, disrupting health and care models, and providing the catalyst for new and improved patient engagement experiences.

Micrsoft’s aim is to accelerate digital transformation across the NHS, by helping customers and health industry partners to deliver repeatable solutions that span local, regional and national care settings.

They provide trusted technology platforms that enable health organisations across the UK to deliver end-to-end health and care scenarios, based on open interoperability standards, that are not only powerful, but also integrated, manageable and cost-effective.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the NHS

For health and social care professionals, having timely access to all relevant information from across health and social care services is essential to delivering a high-quality care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.  Empowering health and social care professionals with digital capabilities, strengthens collaboration and improves clinical and operational performance.

To find out more about how Microsoft is helping NHS organisations transform, see recent examples below.

Customer Stories

East Kent connects patients with Careflow

A Trust wide clinical communications platform which transforms how healthcare teams work. The Careflow messaging platform provides a secure environment where teams across all healthcare settings can share patient-centric conversations. Careflow combines instant messages and mobile alerting to push vital patient information to care teams in real time.


Skype for Business helps SW London & St George’s NHS stay connected

Face to face consultations were not always convenient and this had led to cancelled and missed appointments, wasting valuable staff time and resources. Their solution was to empower patients with communication technology that would be convenient and would suit their busy lives.


Epilepsy patients are managing their lives with Microsoft technology

New innovative software has been developed by Poole Hospital, as part of a consortium of providers, to help patients with epilepsy and medical staff monitor their condition more easily.


NHS Blood and Transplant Scale with Azure

NHS Blood and transplant has harnessed Azure to develop an online booking service, plus an app for mobile devices, that accelerates the donor registration process from around a month under the previous system to a matter of hours.

Microsoft and the NHS

Microsoft is committed to helping NHS organisations move to more digitally enabled healthcare and have entered into an agreement with NHS Digital to offer special pricing tailored to the specific functionality requirements health and care teams working in the NHS.



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