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22 March 2016

Nordic Start Up Conference 2016

By João Bocas

We’ve participated in the Nordic StartUp Conference in Copenhagen on 18th of March 2016, and we would like to share our experience and conference insights with you.

At Salutem we work with innovative companies from Nordic, Scandinavian and Europe countries helping them to build their business in UK and Europe.

The key objectives of the Nordic StartUp Conference were:

  • Connect Nordic & Baltic startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs with international investors and successful business leaders to stimulate startup and scaleup growth.

  • Enable networking, knowledge share and collaboration across the Nordic / Baltic tech ecosystem

  • Enable selected high growth startups to pitch to investors in the Battle of the Vikings

It was fantastic day, the event was incredibly well organised and balanced. The panel subjects were very relevant to the start up community, entrepreneurs, investors and other audiences interested in business growth and strategic approaches.


Nordic Startup Conference

The conference offered two main tracks with highly valuable and inspiring subjects to choose from, including: Disruption, Fintech, Venture Capital , Corporates and Start Ups, Pitch Training, Angels Investors & CEO’s , Growth Hacking , Internationalization and Battle of the Vikings ( Pitch competition ).

As a testimonial of the excitement, learning and value offered by the event we remembered a question from Jeanette Carlsson from Tech Nordic Advocates being posed to Märtha Rehnberg from DareDisrupt “ What are the areas that provide the biggest opportunities for disruption ? “ Martha answered “ services, healthcare, insurance and fintech“.

Some many valuable insights and learning’s to share and absorb. In the spirit of helping, collaborating and bringing value to our partners we will share video content from the Venture Capital panel session.

The panel was hosted by Bent Kemplar from Kromann Reumert, the panel of experts include Arnie Shriskandarajah from SpringWise Ventures in UK , Fredrik Arnander from Standout Capital in Sweden and Tim He from NorthZone Ventures in Sweden.

In the first video Tim He from NorthZone Ventures shares insights and expertise on the expectations posed on product validation, growth and scalability from a Venture Capitalist point of view.

Watch the video:

Fredrik Arnander from Standout Capital shares experiences on how teams should stick together in order to be successful and empathize that companies are always about people.

Watch the video

Tim He from NorthZone Ventures stresses the importance of pitching and storytelling when fundraising. He talks about fundraising for the future, the dream and making a difference.

Watch the video

Arnie Sriskandarajah from SpringWise Ventures shares about the importance of getting your product ( MVP ) out, testing it and making continuous improvements.

Watch the video

We hope that you enjoy the reading and the videos, feel free to share with your friends and networks.

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