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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is one of the best startegies to establish industry credibility and build trust

We are extremely fortunate to have João Bocas, as the person at the helm. He is a recognized global leader with many accolations to his name, a sought after global Keynote Speaker, Influencer and Thought Leader.

If you require an industry expert speaker, panelist, moderator and/Chair for your industry event. We are very happy to help you.

We will not only provide you access to João Bocas himself but also access to his global following and networks. Therefore, you will benefit immensely by engaging with us.


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João Bocas is Top25 HealthTech Global Influencer

In healthcare, new businesses and brands require to come in contact with the targeted audience for swift growth. If you are looking for such connections, please contact Digital Salutem. We use social media and digital marketing methods to build a robust network of potential clients.

Do you want to have real ‘Thought leadership’? Then consult our CEO João Bocas, a Thought Leader in Healthcare. He can also advice, provide informative insights in digital health and wearable devices. João is a renowned Thought Leader who is acknowledged as an eminent authority in digital health with wider aspects.

Being a Thought Leader can be challenging as it requires the Go-To-Expert to answer the biggest and inspiring questions from the digital health audience. Our CEO João Bocas is largely invited to speak at conferences, public events and webinars to share digital health insights to relevant audiences. Other experts in the Digital health industry widely recognize João for his in-depth insights and contribution to the healthcare industry.

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