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Digital Health

Digital technology has revolutionised the delivery of health and social care, improving outcomes, efficiencies and access to people around the world.

Digital health platforms supply healthcare providers with rich data to give them a full picture of a patient’s health, whilst patients are empowered to make better-informed decisions about their own care. By innovating and embracing digital health, we can reduce inefficiencies and costs, whilst improving accessibility and quality of care.

CliniTouch Vie is a digital health platform that you are looking for

CliniTouch Vie is a telehealth platform that supports the management of non-communicable diseases and chronic conditions and enables this outside of traditional healthcare settings, often  remote monitoring of patients is done from the comfort of their own home.

The use of CliniTouch Vie has been shown to reduce unscheduled or emergency admissions, improve clinical outcomes and offer more cost-effective patient care.


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Digital health technology, making healthcare uncomplicated

We are passionate about digital health and are on the mission to create huge impact to as many lives as we possibly can.

We pride ourselves on knowing the digital health industry. With decades of experience in healthcare across the team. We’re proud to have worked with many well-known brands, healthcare systems, private organizations and healthcare stakeholders.

Our Ultimated Goal: Making Healthcare Uncomplicated

At Digital Salutem we are making healthcare uncomplicated. Working with us will assure you that we aim to simplify healthcare.

Our approach is pragmatic, agile and innovative. Let's work together!

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