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Remote Patient Monitoring: CliniTouch Vie

Remote Patient Monitoring

CliniTouch Vie is an award-winning digital health platform, delivering effective remote patient monitoring, patient education and self-management.

Our remote patient monitoring platform enables the digitisation of multiple conditions and pathways, connecting patients and clinicians in real-time to make healthcare safer, smarter and more efficient.

Transforming healthcare with remote patient monitoring

 The CliniTouch Vie platform sits at the heart of the interaction between patient and clinician, where qualitative and quantitative data relating to a patient’s condition is delivered to the clinical team in real-time. Powerful algorithms automatically risk-score the data and generate a prioritised patient list, enabling clinicians to manage larger caseloads more efficiently.

Patient activation, interaction and empowerment is supported with educational content, video and messaging capabilities, alongside a wide range of additional functionality that enables the delivery of effective virtual care.

CliniTouch Vie can be rapidly deployed to meet your needs, helping to transform the future of healthcare on a global scale.


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At Digital Salutem we endevour to deploy the best services solutions to you. Our aim is to improve patient outcomes, and making this process as smooth and as simple as possible. Working with us will enable you to create value based healthcare delivery all services to your end user or patient.

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Our approach is patient centred with patients at heart of our services at all times, it is paramount to us that quality of patients delivery is to a very high standard.

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