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10 January 2022

Reshaping Healthcare: 3 Ways Data Science Will Impact It

By João Bocas
Reshaping Healthcare

Data Science has 3 ways of reshaping Healthcare. There is no such common thing between healthcare and finance except the disruption caused by technology.

How data is reshaping healthcare? The use of data science in healthcare is the key to the industry transformation. This set of data is basically based on the ongoing research of the scientists and doctors.

On the other hand, the fact cannot be denied that without wearable technology it is nearly impossible to handle such king-size data in a decent manner. In recent times, medical experts access such a huge volume of healthcare documents only with the help of immensely adopted wearable technology. No wonder, this amazing medical advancement has come up with new windows for the different healthcare industry. Therefore, let’s discuss the top 3 ways of medical advancement by data science and technology, let’s talk about reshaping healthcare. 

There are 3 ways of data science of reshaping Healthcare:

Wearable monitor the entire body system and prevent health issues

A human body produces nearly two terabytes data and medical experts can collect lion’s share of it due to the amazing advancement of technology. The data includes information about sleep patterns, stress levels, the rate of heartbeat, brain activity, blood glucose and more. When equipped with such a huge volume of data, it is easy to monitor a human body thoroughly. Some of the world’s best companies based on technology such as Qualcomm, IBM are leading the top position. Apple has also joined the race in order to make a better healthcare industry. 

Apart from this, to detect common conditions such as respiratory or heart diseases, machine learning algorithms can also be used. In fact, it is impossible to skip the invigilation of technology. Advanced medical technology analyzes breathing patterns along with heart rate and can detect even the ignorable change in the health indicator of the patient in order to identify possible health issues. 

Healthcare issues involving high obesity rate can be controlled with wearable system. Serious chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes can have a tight fight with advanced medical equipment. In other words, doctors nowadays use up to date medical gadgets such as a pedometer to process the behavioural data of the patients. No wonder, these amazing gadgets are allowing the doctors to gain a deep insight into the health of the sufferers.

Flawless diagnose and efficient treatment

The fact cannot be denied that in spite of having a huge volume of data available, the risk of diagnostic failure is still there. From the research of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine nearly 5 percent of the patients suffer due to wrong diagnosis and treatment.

However, with the incorporation of wearable technology, these flaws can be healed. In fact, to solve this issue, Enlitic, a deep learning startup makes use of data science to ensure accurate and uninterrupted diagnose. With an investment of nearly $15 million, this deep learning technology can read and analyze imaging data such as CT scans, X-rays and others. After that, it inspects the result against the huge volume of data from the laboratory studies and clinical reports.

Therefore, this allows healthcare institutions to deliver up to 70% more precise data in a faster way. On the other hand, the Dutch start-up Bruxlab can be considered. This employs similar machine learning algorithms and data science for diagnostic purposes. Linked with sound recognition technology they identify the symptoms of Bruxism. The data scientists manage to recognize the teeth grinding symptoms using a huge number of audio sample files. No wonder, that Bruxism is a considerable disease with a prevalence rate of nearly 30%.

However, due to the concealing nature of the symptoms this disease is often overlooked. Therefore, a mobile application can offer noteworthy opportunities for effective disease monitoring and quality diagnosis, if is powered by data science technology.

Patient care and precision medicine

With the help of data science the doctors can track the health details of a patient and confirm the diagnostic process. This is just a similar way in which the scientists analyze the health data in order to identify the disease. This is to remember, that personalize treatment when is enabled by data science technology, is always effective in reducing the death rate.

With the help of EHR or Electronic Health Records, the medical scientists are now having enough information. In this process, it is now easy to identify specific symptoms and patterns in order to ready an accurate profile of the very patients.

Data science guides the physicians to undergo to the point treatment. For example, it is always smart to define the specific symptoms and signs of the disease, instead of treating a sufferer for lung cancer or other severe diseases. No wonder, if the doctors are able to analyze the medical history, genetic information and the condition of a patient, it increases the chances of positive outcomes for sure.


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