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19 November 2021

Spirit Health expands international presence worldwide with Digital Salutem partnership

By João Bocas
Spirit Health expands internacional presence worldwide with Digital Salutem partnership

We are extremely honoured and excited to announce our Global Strategic Partnership in Digital Health with Spirit Health.

Spirit Health is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its international footprint with a new partnership bolstering existing physical presence covering geographies across Europe and APAC. 

As part of our global growth ambitions, our reseller partnership with Spirit Health. As digital healthcare transformation experts at  Digital Salutem, we will focus on embedding its remote monitoring and digital health platform, CliniTouch Vie, into local, regional and national care pathways in Spain, Portugal and the United States – one of many planned international partnerships. 

Chris Barker, CEO, Spirit Health, comments: “We welcome the partnership with Digital Salutem as an integral part of our wider global growth plan. João and his team have a vision for digital health that is very much in line with ours. We are looking forward to working with them to bring CliniTouch Vie into new care pathways in Spain and Portugal and make health care easier.” 

Digital Salutem is a specialist in digital healthcare transformation, working with clients and partners offering best-in-class technology and services. Its CEO, João Bocas, is a recognised global health influencer and thought leader in wearable tech, digital health, IoT and healthcare innovation, amongst others. 

Expanding on the partnership, João Bocas says: “We are absolutely delighted with our global partnership with Spirit. We’ve been in the digital health space since 2015 and have worked with many brands, large and small, and have seen many digital health products and solutions over the years. 

“We’re extremely impressed with Spirit’s digital health platform – CliniTouch Vie. It not only offers an unbeatable degree of simplicity for patients and clinicians that makes it easy and highly effective to use, but also offers many technological capabilities that will ensure the right impact for any organisation looking to embrace digital healthcare transformation, rapidly and successfully.”

Similarly, Spirit Health’s local presence in Australia was established off the back of a need for its digital products and services, where Spirit is working in partnership with the Australian Health Service to help ensure patients benefit from the right treatment at the right time. These services include Spirit’s Diabetes Education programmes and CliniTouch Vie. 

Chris Barker concludes: “As we progress our international expansion, both through direct engagement with healthcare organisations and through partnerships, we continue to look for partners who, similarly, are experts in their local health system.”

We are on the mission to make Healthcare Uncomplicated, we look forward to working in Partnership with you.

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