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03 May 2016

The Power of Big Data in Healthcare

By João Bocas
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The connected era has given anybody with a device that has access to the internet more information than most people are capable to use. These opportunities, which are such a vital part of contemporary life, also offer extraordinary, intimate and almost infinite personal information.

Those omnipresent membership cards and key tags for the local shop, fitbit tracking your physical action, and the app that lets you know about the shoe sale in the store as you are walking past are all part of the huge initiative of collecting, examining, and understanding dissimilar bits of information that decrease under the umbrella of “big data”.

The growing digitization of healthcare information is opening new potentials for earners and financiers to enrich the worth of care, recover healthcare consequences, and decrease costs. Furthermore technology developments, supervisory orders, and government incentives have accelerated the move from paper to digital health records. With information in digital form, healthcare organizations can use accessible tools and tools to examine that information and create expert diagnoses.

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Connecting seemingly dissimilar data sets from within an organization can further increase the value of these diagnoses. Connecting electronic health records (EHRs), medical rights, videos, medical images, scanned documents, and physicians’ notes allows organizations to generate rich, 360-degree views of each patient. Beyond this, integrating with other organizations data sets further develops the potential for insights.

The health-data landscape is shifting: expertise progresses and regulatory orders and government incentives have enhance the move from paper to digital health records. This builds new potentials for suppliers and payers to produce deep visions that can modernize clinical workflows, enhance maintenance, support doctor-patient relations, cut charges and recover significances. To get these revelations, infrastructure that can quickly process and produce results from the volume of analytics results and diversity of various data-sets are essential.

Big data necessitates organizations to become more data-savvy, enabling patients to get meaningful insights into their state of health should be a central aim aims. Furthermore, within the healthcare context, analyzing data in order to make critical decisions should be on every organizations radar. Many challenges are presented when talking about health data, however big data analytics is a natural process to integrate when it comes to healthcare and clinical needs. Technologies and tactics that have been applied magnificently in other industries have the potential of altering healthcare organizations dramatically. These depend on big data competences such as Hadoop, business intelligence and data warehousing technologies.

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As all these changes demonstrate, the age of big data in healthcare is here. The capacity, diversity, and velocity of healthcare data are exponential; organizations are gathering more data from a broader diversity of bases at superior speed every day. Data sources vary from the old-style (including EHRs, medical images, and real-time data from monitoring devices) to nontraditional (such as patient or plan member feedback from social media). To exploit the worth of all this data, organizations must develop new methods and consolidate solutions that can assist deliver meaningful visions at the moment when they can have the utmost impact.

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