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22 August 2016

The Role of Wearables in Preventative Medicine

By João Bocas

A while ago I wrote this article on Wearables, to be more precise : The Role of Wearables in Preventative Medicine.  

The full article available here

the role of wearables in preventive medicine

I thought that would be a good idea to share again. I have reasons in mind :

–  The article was very well accepted by the readers

–  The subject is extremely interesting, not just wearable tech but the intersection with preventative medicine

–  New approaches, such as Precision Medicine are new. Therefore we all need to learn and utilise innovations to make revolutions in healthcare work

–  The speed of innovation ( specially in healthcare is extremely fast )…which is quite scary. If we consider, that adoption and health systems are not moving at the same pace

–  And lastly because my mission is to stimulate discussions amongst innovators, Entrepreneurs, Industry leaders, healthcare providers, populations and startups.

I am often asked to share my thoughts on Technology and new developments on innovation in healthcare.  A recent interesting panel discussion on ” Let’s get personal – Precision Medicine for Precise Patients ” organised by One Nucleus at VentureFest East back in May is a example that new subjects are emerging in innovation terms.

The prestigious panel, included :

– Harriet Fear, One Nucleus (Chair)

– Ruth McKernan, Innovate UK

– Rachel Bradbury, Penningtons Manches

– Christopher Jensen, Trifermed

…….exchanged ideas on the new Precise Medicine approaches and the role of Wearables in making new approaches possible. Also some potential issues associated with this revolution came up :

– The Data protection and security

– Reliability and Data accuracy

– Challenges in gathering the data in the first place

Here’s another example on how personalised Healthcare via Medical Medical devices is here to stay 

In conclusion, innovation in healthcare represents a huge opportunity to companies of all sizes, however new approaches such as personalised medicine are still in infancy stage. And making a natural intersection with another innovative fields such as wearable technologies is not a straight forward ask. I believe that we’ll see new developments quite soon where innovators, researchers and medical professionals will make this transition more effective and clear in order to benefit mass populations with global health management.


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