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09 October 2019

Top Wearable Technology Innovators from the UK

By João Bocas
Top Wearable Technology Innovators from the UK

One of the most exciting trends in consumer technology is “wearable Technology” – from implantable sensors, fashion Tech items to electronic skin accessories that can used to gather human data, now the future is very close. An in this article we are going to mention some of the best Top Wearable Technology Innovators from the UK.

Such products have already made significant inroads into our present lives, with the most popular examples being the well known products – the FitBit and the Apple Watch (the Chinese wearable market is dominated by Xiaomi). However, a new generation of young British Innovators is emerging.

Personally what really excites, is the fact that Wearables Technologies are becoming more personalised , more impact and more intuitive to human beings.

We will highlight here some impressive examples with regards to “ Top Wearable Technology Innovators”: 

Elvie – a femtech wearable innovator with a bright future ahead, they claim is the world’s first silent breast pump, and the Elvie Trainer, a device which is designed to enhance pelvic floor exercises.

WaveOptics – enabling the next wave of technology through design and manufacture of high quality of AR ( Augmented Reality ) wearables at low cost.

DNAnudge – a personalised genomics company and spinout from Imperial College London, provides a service whereby they map their customer’s genomes. They then offer tailored health advice according to the particular person’s DNA. They also designed a wearable wristband called DnaBand.

Neurovalens – is another company with a exciting neat and high-tech innovator. This company aims to alleviate neurological disorders. Their first and currently main product is Modius Health, a wearable which stimulates the hypothalamus region of the brain to help improve weight loss (according to Modius’ marketing, stimulating the hypothalamus decreases appetite and reduce cravings). 

Vivoplex– has developed a wireless device that monitors key health markers in the uterus, such as temperature, pH levels, and dissolved oxygen levels. Another very exciting example operating in the fertility tech sector, an spinout from Southampton University.

Corner – developed wearables for sport purposes, with PlayerData’s wristband monitoring athletic performances, the device attaches to the handwraps of boxers, measuring metrics such as punch rate and velocity. 

Sky Medical TechnologyOnPulse technology stimulates the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps resulting in isometric muscle contraction and increased blood flow to prevent and treat a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions.

Top Wearable Technology Innovators from the UK

The majority of the UK’s top wearables innovators are offering products designed to improve the provision of healthcare, and Elvie and Sky Medical Technology are perhaps the leading the way in this regard, the consumer technology market is booming. I am sure that you will continue to see the sector emerging with new products and exciting developments for the end user and final consumer. More will be revealed due course…

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