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23 September 2019

Wearable technology global revenue will go over 50 billion dollars by 2023

By João Bocas
wearable marketplace

This is a new amazing marketplace update for wearable technology

Did you know that wearable technology global revenue will go over 50 billion dollars by 2023?

That’s nearly double that where we are now in 2019 in the worldwide wearable market ( just over $ 25 billion ) . The wearable market is extremely exciting place and one of the things that I’m noticing is actually the appearance of more medical wearables.

You know that a few years ago was all about:

  • health wearables
  • fitness trackers
  • fitness bands

However, nowadays things are changing. An example of this change is  BioBeat , the Israeli company. that is taking the market by storm.  They are working in a wearable blood pressure monitor using PPG ( optical sensor ) and that is the proof that actually is possible to get medical graded data with the certifications and approvals by the regulatory organizations

Now more and more innovators are coming to the market to fulfill the needs. At the same time, this SME’s & startups are taking a risk and getting their innovations certified to become medical devices and very exciting wearable technologies.

The wearable market is a very exciting place, please, find more updates in all our social media channels.

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