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29 January 2018

Wearables Can Help You To Recover Of A Sport Injury

By João Bocas
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Wearables can help you to recover of a sport injury. As we know our healthcare clock is ticking. We all need to take more care of our own health and well-being in order to avoid the increasing number of fitness related diseases and, keep not only our own healthcare cost down, but also the overall cost of the system. That is why today, I would like to put some attention to, not only on devices which can help you, but also on the benefits of sports and some tips and tricks for doing so. The Sport Fitness Advisor published an article with practical tips and advice. Sometimes it is hard to find your way in being fitter and healthier, and having the right support tools can give you just that little push you need.

Wearables are improving your health

Besides knowing the benefits and having some tips and tricks for starting up, it is also important to protect yourself from any harm. This is why increasingly we see wearables which help you with the recovery of a sport related injuries or pains. Some examples of wearables which could help you with this are:

Having a Wearable to help you is the key

In my view the combination of having the knowledge of why sporting is so important, having a fitness wearable to help you see and achieve your goals and a wearable which helps you with the recovery process, is key to develop a healthier future for all of us. According to the Guardian, the Youth Sport Trust, a physical education and youth sport charity, wants the wearable technology to be an integrated part in physical education. The Future Foundation, a global trends consultancy, released a report, stating that physical education at schools should be a key priority. Since the youth is in continues contact with and dependent on their smartphones and tablets, it would be foolish to ignore this attribute with regards to their physical health. We can choose between letting loose and having them play games inside, or use the technology to our advantage and motivate these youngsters to go out and play.

Sport Wearables could be they key to fight against children obesity

children playing outsite Going back at my first point, for our future it is key to all be healthier, and where better to start than with our youngest generations. If we manage to capture their interest by leveraging the tech they are already using and turning it into a lifestyle rather than some sports you have to do in school. We might be able to put a stop to the increasing number of heart and vascular diseases and get a generation that is fitter and therewith happier. Taking care of yourself is not only about having the perfect size or weight, far from it if you ask me. It is about ensuring that you are fit and feel comfortable in your body. Moreover the endorphins and other chemicals released in your brains by working out make you happier, less stressed, they energizes you, they ease anxiety, enhance your sleep and give you more confidence. Knowing this, we can say that we most likely can decrease the increasing number of depressed, burned out and insomniac people as well.   I’d say take a look at The Sport Fitness Advisor article, invest a little in a sport wearable, and change your life around for the better!


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