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01 August 2016

Wearables in the Workplace

By João Bocas

Wearables in the workplace are now a reality, the digital health revolution is here to stay.

Many large employers have decided to adopt health and wellness campaigns in conjunction with wearables devices. The wearable technologies are pretty much a reality and a natural result of innovation in society.

Today almost all of you uses or have used technologies to make life easier, whether that is a smartphone , a digital TV box , a wireless phone or a cordless kettle. We all have been highly influenced by technology in our personal lives……and our working lives are following the same path.

Can I suggest that you fully embrace the opportunity, wether your personal goal is :

–  Reduce Stress

–  Become more physically active

–  Improve concentration

–  Reduce Body Weight

–  Prevent mental health issues

–  Or simply be more health conscious

Wearables Technologies are excellent is supporting you doing that, you will get meaningful data that you can call upon anytime, anywhere …..and that’s the beauty of having a wearable health tracker working along side your efforts to make lifestyle changes.

What wearables WON’T DO :

1. They will not exercise on your behalf – you need to put the action in

2. They will not make more active , without you finding willingness and determination

3. They will not be the miracle – YOU ARE !

How you can expect wearables to help with :

–  Concrete health data sets and insights into your wellness

–  Supporting you in making changes

–  Increase and speed up the process of behavioural change ( readiness )

–  Make more aware of your habits

–  Encourage and motivate you to make lifestyle changes that in turn will lead to many health benefits, including prevention of long term chronic health conditions, reduce your health risk of sudden heart disease , including stroke & heart attack. ( Heart disease in UK continues to top the list of premature deaths and they can be easily prevented ).

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