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07 October 2019

The use of wearables in Pharma is highly sophisticated

By João Bocas
Wearables in Pharma

Pharma is a huge industry looking to implementing using emergence technology to really push innovations forward. The use of wearables is highly sophisticated for Pharmaceutical industry.

Sometimes it seems like a big challenge.


Nowadays, wearables are part of our live, they could be even in your underwear. There are a lot of trends in wearables, from eSkin to smart-textiles. All these new trends on wearables are bringing information from the human being, human body and, also, the ambient environment.

All this information is relevant in terms to analyze human behavior. Even now with voice activation. For example, we have Alexia who allows us to communicate and many other capabilities from one technical device.

The use of wearables in Pharma industry

Voice as used as bio-market for Pharma is highly innovative and very sophisticated.

One example is a company in Israel, a country where digital health is a trend in research and innovation. The innovation of this company is that through voice they can predict if you are dying or not. This innovation works from artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. This is a huge advance in digital health and it’s going to save a lot of lives.

The prediction of human analytics are becoming huge sophisticated, but also from a medical device or from a camera you can get heart rate and blood pressure monitoring.

Another example of a Israeli company is BioBeat, who came out with a blood pressure wearable monitor that could be used in clinical trials, bringing some electronic capabilities, BPG technology to gather human insights and vital signs.

As you could see there are very attractive innovations in digital health and Pharma industries and the use of wearables in growing to improve the health of humans and to predict illness and even, if you are dying.


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