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18 December 2015

Welcome to Digital Salutem: accelerating digital health innovation

By João Bocas

Digital Salutem is here to connect you with one of the most important digital markets in modern times: digital health. This expanding market is beginning to disrupt the way we view healthcare and is creating the next era of digital health that answers today’s modern healthcare issues. We are a B2B agency that reaches out to the latest companies on the scene that require support to disrupt established health markets.

Our services provide an all-round package that connects our clients to the best strategic partnerships, existing technologies, market analysis and digital marketing channels to accelerate their businesses in a rapidly growing marketplace. Our role is to know about innovations and innovators to assist our key business audience – primarily established start-ups undergoing expansion.

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What is digital health?

Digital health is the marriage of healthcare, living and health related issues in society with the latest digital innovations to solve current problems in the traditional healthcare markets. For the Salutem team, the digital health market represents the next big digital revolution that has the power to change lives across the world.

The digital health industry is tackling some of the most fundamental problems in healthcare today through low-cost, efficient models that put the user in control. Digital health technologies have already demonstrated how modernisation in healthcare can empower patients, accelerate industry and independent learning curbs, increase awareness and help us all to manage our own health away from the doctor’s surgery.

Over the next five years, the global digital health market is forecasted to exceed £150 billion by 2020, driven by multi device growth, primarily the mobile health market. We are thrilled that this global market was recognised this year with the launch of the Nominet Trust 100 2015, which lists likeminded businesses that are using digital technology to bring about positive change.

Industry experts

The Salutem team are a multidisciplinary group of experts who specialise in wearable technologies, digital health trends, IoT, big data and business strategy. We focus on creating or building upon a business model to elevate it to its next stage. If you have an innovative product, our team will work to make that innovation succeed in the business world.

Our services accelerate integration into markets around the world using contacts and networking initiators. We forge relationships with the right people on your behalf and reform existing business models to fit emerging markets.

Salutem provides the right industry guidance to help businesses tap into billion-pound industries. One of our key passions and a big driver of inspiration is the wearables market. Wearables are becoming more sophisticated, efficient and relevant year-on-year. We look forward to discussing this lucrative business avenue with more aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs in 2016.

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Thought leaders

Our vision is to aid others to make a big business and social impact through digital health. One of the best ways for us to raise awareness of how this market can genuinely transform the way we live is through communication and engagement. Salutem celebrated a number of thought leadership conferences across Europe in 2015, and we are filling our books with more in 2016 which will enable us to share our joint passions with others – our team are on hand to ease you into digital health.


If you would like to find out more about any of our services, or you would like an industry expert guest speaker for an event, please contact us on +44 7731983936 or We look forward to hearing from you.

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