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05 January 2021

Why Healthcare Needs Health Wearable Technology

By João Bocas
Why Healthcare Needs Health Wearable Technology

Health wearables are a huge and growing market and we expect significant growth in the technology segment, due to an aging population and detection of disease at a much earlier stage. The demand for wearables, in particular health wearables, is growing at a rapid pace and the technology is becoming better integrated. This is a great time to be a wearable entrepreneur.

Health wearables are small devices that help you live healthier, better and connect with others. They have many different uses but their main goal is to simplify the health-obsessed world we live in and bring it down to the basics.

Wearable technology has been a hot topic in the healthcare industry over the past few years. Future aspects of wearable technology that we’ll be covering will include rising demands for virtual monitoring with smart glucose belts, telemonitoring with electrocardiogram sensors on shirts, and also augmented reality software that powers hospital tele-doctor visits.

The past five years have seen a huge uptake of consumer wearable technologies for health, fitness and sports. Thanks to the increased uptake in and demand for the market, the technology underpinning these devices has improved significantly. High resolution touchscreen displays now dominate on most devices, and are set to take over completely across the range.

The future is here: health wearable technology

AR/VR is the technology that is giving birth to the next tech revolution – a wearable device that enhances your perception of or engagement with the world around you. Use an AR/VR headset and special arm mounted controllers to explore virtual worlds, engage with virtual objects and simulate real-world environments. With nearly infinite potential – from education to art, from serious business applications to videogame-like amusements – AR/VR lets you experience things you never thought possible

Health wearables tech enables us to monitor our health, track fitness and even capture moments of our lives without carrying a device. It’s poised to help us save time, space and even money!

Although health wearables are fairly new, this category of wearables is poised to become even more advanced as time goes on. As a result, users will be able to monitor their health more accurately, capture more moments of their lives during training sessions, and overall get more done in less time. Stay tuned to our blog as we provide updates!

The global wellness technology market is growing exponentially, and the biggest benefit of these wearable devices is that they are super convenient, unobtrusive and easy to wear. Wearable tech is also a great way for people to track their own health and fitness data, depending on the kind of wearable device they want to use. Never before has there been a range of wearable devices so versatile, as well as more accurate. Your perfect fit in health wearables is just a click away – or a tap on your touchscreen if you’re using wearables, wearable technology health wearables

As the health wearable technology market continues to grow, so too does the range of devices being developed with a focus on helping users to manage their daily health.

If you’re not aware of wearable tech, it’s the category that covers smart glasses and watches, among other products. It has already revolutionized the way we communicate, listen to music and analyze our health data. As wearables become more powerful through advancements such as built-in support for voice assistance (such as Siri), natural language recognition, or artificial intelligence capabilities, the number of uses for this technology will continue to grow.


We are sure that health wearable technology is going to be relevant at the healthcare sector in the few years. Contact us for more relevant details. To find out more about how we can help you with your Digital Healthcare Transformation, Healthcare organizational growth, or Healthcare brand positioning, please get in touch via phone +44 (0) 203 3620421 or via e-mail:

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