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16 January 2024

25 Digital Health Influencers to Follow in 2024

By João Bocas
25 Digital Health Influencers to Follow in 2024 scaled

In 2022 and 2023, we revealed our list of 25 digital health influencers who were making a significant impact in the industry. And this year, we are thrilled to bring you an updated edition!

The digital health landscape is constantly evolving, and staying informed is crucial. Our curated list features influential individuals who are shaping the future of healthcare through their expertise, thought leadership, and innovative approaches.

While we won’t be repeating any names from our previous lists, we highly recommend checking out the remarkable influencers from 2022 and 2023, as their contributions are still invaluable.

If you’re seeking inspiration, insights, and reliable information on the intersection of healthcare and technology, this list is a must-follow. These influencers cover a wide range of areas, including telemedicine, AI in healthcare, healthtech startups, patient empowerment, and more.

By following these thought leaders on their social media channels, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge trends, expert opinions, and groundbreaking developments that are revolutionizing digital health.

As the digital health landscape continues to evolve and shape the future of healthcare, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, research, and insights in the field. To help you navigate this dynamic space, we have compiled a list of the top 25 digital health influencers who are making a significant impact and shaping the industry in 2024. Whether you are a healthcare professional, industry enthusiast, or simply interested in staying informed, following these influencers will provide you with valuable knowledge and insights.

Without further ado, here are the top 25 digital health influencers to follow in 2024:

25 Digital Health Influencers You Should Be Following in 2024!

Aashima Gupta: digital health influencer

Aashima Gupta  linkedin logo twitter logo

Global Director, Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, Google Cloud

Aashima Gupta is a transformational healthcare and financial services executive with over 19 years of experience in complex large-scale enterprise environments. Currently serving at Google Cloud, she holds accountability for driving healthcare strategy and solutions. Aashima plays a pivotal role in accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare industry by leveraging cloud, artificial intelligence, APIs, and mobile solutions.

A passionate visionary, Aashima possesses expertise in driving architecture, digital technologies, big data analytics, and APIs. She is known for her articulate and persuasive communication style, effectively conveying complex concepts and ideas. With her high energy and strong intellect, she fearlessly embraces change and thrives in ambiguous environments.

Aashima’s broad skill set allows her to drive results across multiple initiatives, technologies, and business areas. She brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, technical acumen, and leadership to her role. Aashima’s relentless dedication to innovation and her ability to navigate and adapt to evolving landscapes make her a valuable asset in the healthcare and technology sectors.

Aline Noizet 25 digital health influencers

Aline Noizet  linkedin logo twitter logo

Connector and Digital Health Advocate

Aline Noizet is a highly skilled digital health connector with a passion for innovation and making a positive impact on patients’ lives. With a strong international background, she excels in business development, scouting innovations and trends, and building vibrant communities.

For the past 8 years, Aline has been running her own consulting company, working with startups and global corporations. Additionally, she is involved in two investment companies in Europe and the US. Aline actively contributes to various programs as a reviewer and judge, including EIT Health and SXSW pitch competitions.

Previously, Aline served as the program manager for Bayer G4A Accelerator programs in Barcelona, the United States, and Berlin. She also held the position of Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0 and was a partner of eHealth Hub, supporting digital health SMEs as part of an EU project.

Aline’s expertise extends to areas such as DTx, personalized medicine, microbiome, and genomics. When she’s not immersed in her work, she enjoys writing, traveling, and exploring new countries and cultures. Aline is always happy to connect over coffee or a drink (no beer though)! Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with her.

anca del rio ehealth influencer

Anca del Rio  linkedin logo twitter logo

Digital Public Health Thought Leader

Anca del Rio is a passionate and purpose-driven professional in healthcare governance, health systems innovation, and digital public health strategy. With a quadrilingual skillset and a strong scientific background, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her work. Anca is a thought leader with an entrepreneurial drive for impact, digital transformation, and international development, striving to make a difference at scale.

Having excelled as a high-performance athlete, Anca is a proactive team player and visionary leader dedicated to impactful and sustainable solutions. Her professional interests lie in innovation and entrepreneurship for positive change, strategic development of health systems, digital transformation, and the meaningful adoption of innovation in healthcare practice. She is particularly focused on health policies for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Anca is known for her strategic thinking and exceptional community-building skills, fostering stakeholder engagement and intellectual stimulation. She possesses a high level of creativity, enabling her to excel in organizational design, change management, capacity building, and interdisciplinary teamwork. Her adaptability, analytical prowess, and effective communication capabilities contribute to her success in identifying risks, issues, and opportunities while delivering results at all levels.

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Anthony Chang telehealth influencer

Anthony Chang  linkedin logo twitter logo

Founder of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed)

Anthony Chang is a renowned figure in the field of healthcare, known for his unwavering passion and advocacy for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation to revolutionize global healthcare. With a particular focus on both pediatric and adult medicine, Chang’s extensive expertise and groundbreaking work have made a profound impact in the industry.

As the founder of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed), Chang has created a platform that brings together experts, researchers, and practitioners to harness the potential of AI in healthcare. Through AIMed, he strives to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and advancements that will shape the future of medicine.

Chang’s influence extends beyond AIMed. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, Intelligence-Based Medicine, which explores the intersection of AI and healthcare, offering insights into how this transformative technology can enhance patient care.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures and literary contributions, Chang serves as the Global Convener of Passionate People for Transformation. This role allows him to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to driving positive change in healthcare.

With his visionary mindset and dedication, Anthony Chang continues to inspire and lead the way in leveraging AI and innovation for the betterment of healthcare worldwide.

Brian Ahier healthIt influencer

Brian Ahier  linkedin logo twitter logo

Lead Health IT Engineer at MITRE

Brian Ahier is a prominent thought leader in the field of digital health, currently working at the MITRE Corporation. With a strong focus on health data exchange, utilization, and analytics for health system transformation, Brian brings extensive expertise to the table.

His specialties include digital health, electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchange (HIE), population health management, and IT infrastructure for new payment and care delivery models. He has actively contributed to various initiatives, ensuring the person remains at the center of healthcare by engaging both patients and providers.

Brian’s involvement in the DirectTrust and Sequoia Project boards has been instrumental in advancing health information exchange for the public good. His work on the Direct Project has spanned multiple facets, from strategy development and vendor requirements to statewide implementation.

In previous roles, Brian served as the Health IT Evangelist at Mid-Columbia Medical Center and played a key role in implementing one of the first Direct Project pilots at Gorge Health Connect, Inc. Additionally, he contributed to the planning and execution of health information exchange initiatives in Oregon, holding positions on the HIO Executive Panel and the Technology Workgroup for the Health Information Technology Oversight Council.

Beyond his healthcare contributions, Brian has served as a City Councilor and held positions on the Board of Mid-Columbia Council of Government, and Q-Life, an intergovernmental agency focused on broadband capacity provision in northern Oregon.

Criss Ross CIO influencer

Criss Ross  linkedin logo

Chief Information Officer at Mayo Clinic

Cris Ross, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Mayo Clinic, boasts an impressive 30-year background in healthcare, technology, and government. As the CIO of Mayo Clinic since 2012, he holds responsibility for all information technology operations. Ross has made notable contributions, including revamping the IT strategy, spearheading an enterprise-wide EHR convergence program, and initiating major innovation programs in data, analytics, and machine learning.

Before joining Mayo Clinic, Ross held significant technology and business leadership roles with renowned organizations such as Surescripts, MinuteClinic, and UnitedHealth Group. Additionally, he has a background as a tech entrepreneur, financial manager, and congressional aide.

Ross’s expertise in healthcare IT has led him to serve in prominent roles, including Chairman of the Board of the eHealth Initiative. He also sits on the boards of directors for Zipnosis, an emerging telehealth vendor. Furthermore, Ross’s knowledge has been sought-after by various entities, as he has served on advisory panels for esteemed organizations such as the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HL7, and the Veterans Administration.

Ross holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from Yale School of Management, solidifying his educational foundation to complement his vast experience in the healthcare and technology domains.

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Daniel Barchi healthtech influencer

Daniel Barchi linkedin logo twitter logo

Chief Information Officer at CommonSpirit Health

Daniel Barchi is a seasoned technology executive with a wealth of experience in various domains, including institutional investment, private equity, analytics, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and turnaround/restructuring. Currently serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the United States, Barchi plays a pivotal role in driving technology innovation and digital transformation within the organization.

Having held prominent leadership positions in the healthcare industry, Barchi brings a unique blend of strategic vision and operational expertise to his role. He has a strong track record in leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency.

Throughout his career, Barchi has demonstrated his proficiency in navigating complex business landscapes, leading successful M&A initiatives, and implementing transformative technologies. His vast experience in institutional investment and private equity enables him to approach technology initiatives from a holistic and value-driven perspective.

Barchi’s passion for data-driven decision-making and his ability to drive organizational change make him a respected leader and influencer in the healthcare technology space. With his sharp business acumen and deep understanding of the industry, Barchi is committed to leveraging technology to empower healthcare organizations, enhance patient care, and drive meaningful results in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

Dave deBronkart healthcare influencer

Dave deBronkart linkedin logo twitter logo

e-Patient Dave” – Patient Empowerment Evangelist

Dave deBronkart, also known as “e-Patient Dave,” is a remarkable and influential figure in the healthcare industry. With his insightful and analytical approach, Dave excels at understanding and mapping customer needs onto the capabilities of technology. As a patient empowerment evangelist, he has dedicated himself to advocating for patients’ rights and transforming healthcare through his expertise and experiences.

In addition to his advocacy work, Dave is an accomplished author and captivating keynote speaker. He has authored several books, sharing his journey as a patient and providing invaluable insights into patient empowerment and engagement. As a speaker, Dave has a unique ability to inspire and energize audiences, delivering rousing and thought-provoking talks that challenge the status quo and encourage positive change in healthcare.

Throughout his career, Dave has become a leading voice in the patient empowerment movement. He emphasizes the importance of patients being active participants in their own healthcare journeys, leveraging the power of technology and knowledge to make informed decisions. Dave’s passion for empowering patients and his ability to communicate effectively make him an influential figure in shaping the future of healthcare.

Overall, Dave deBronkart is an insightful and impactful communicator, blending his understanding of customer needs with technological possibilities. His role as “e-Patient Dave,” combined with his authorship and engaging speaking style, has solidified him as a key player in the patient empowerment space, and his work continues to inspire positive change in healthcare.

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Esther Dyson mhealth influencer

Esther Dyson linkedin logo twitter logo

Founder at Wellville

Esther Dyson is a renowned funder and founder of Wellville, a 10-year nonprofit project dedicated to demonstrating the value of long-term investment in health and equity. With a focus on scaling local initiatives in five small communities, Esther and her team advise local leaders on areas such as maternal care, early childhood development, diabetes/obesity reduction, and mental health support/trauma-informed care. Wellville promotes a data-rich approach with learning and accountability throughout the process.

In addition to her work with Wellville, Esther invests her time exploring and investing in new space, health, and IT start-ups and technologies. She is actively involved in various organizations and serves on the boards of Avanlee Care, BAMF Health, and PressReader. Esther is also affiliated with nonprofits like ExpandED Schools, Long Now Foundation, and The Commons Project.

Esther’s expertise lies in areas such as the Accountable Net, IP and telco policy, identity management, social software, Central and Eastern Europe, start-ups, semantic tools, mapping tools, foundation governance, board experience, commercial space, and general aviation.

She holds a Harvard BA degree and has even completed a certificate from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. Esther values LinkedIn as a tool but prefers to respond only to personal messages that demonstrate a genuine connection.

Eveline Ruehlin braintech influencer

Eveline Ruehlin linkedin logo twitter logo

Disruptive Strategy, Statecraft, Global Tech Influencer

Eveline Ruehlin is an energetic and multilingual mentor and advisor with a passion for success. With a proven track record in team leadership, she has effectively managed various academic summits, conferences, political fundraisers, and events. Eveline thrives under high-pressure situations and embraces the challenge of achieving perfection.

She is a strong advocate for a sustainable and circular economy, supporting initiatives related to renewables, clean energy, recycling, and the digital transformation of the 4th industrial revolution. Eveline also has a keen interest in AI for good, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain technology, cyber security, and supply chains.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Eveline finds joy in pursuing her hobbies. She is a passionate skier and actively participates in golf, hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. Her enthusiasm for the outdoors reflects her adventurous spirit and dedication to well-rounded personal growth.

Overall, Eveline Ruehlin is a dynamic individual who combines leadership skills, a commitment to sustainability, and a love for outdoor pursuits, making her a well-rounded and inspiring professional.

Farzad Mostashari health information influencer

Farzad Mostashari linkedin logotwitter logo

Founder, Aledade Inc former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Farzad Mostashari is a prominent figure in the healthcare industry, dedicated to improving American healthcare through his work. He is the founder of Aledade Inc, a company focused on supporting independent practices and transforming the healthcare system. With a strong commitment to empowering independent physicians, Mostashari aims to enhance patient care, reduce costs, and drive positive outcomes.

Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mostashari served as the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology under the Obama administration. In this role, he played a crucial part in the adoption and implementation of electronic health records, promoting interoperability, and advancing health information exchange.

With his extensive background in health information technology and policy, Mostashari has become a key thought leader in the industry. He is a vocal advocate for data-driven decision-making and the importance of leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery.

Mostashari’s expertise and passion for the betterment of American healthcare have made him a sought-after speaker and advisor. His deep understanding of the challenges facing independent practices and his innovative solutions have positioned him as a leading voice in healthcare transformation.

Farzad Mostashari’s bio encapsulates his commitment to revolutionizing healthcare by supporting independent practices, leveraging technology, and advocating for data-driven decision-making. His contributions have helped shape the landscape of American healthcare and continue to inspire positive change in the industry.

Glen D Gilmore digital transformation influencer

Glen Gilmore linkedin logo twitter logo

Tech, Digital Transformation, and Marketing Strategist

Glen D Gilmore is a renowned “man of action” and a top influencer in social media, digital transformation, emerging tech, and travel. With his extensive experience and expertise, he provides digital transformation and marketing strategy training to Fortune 500 companies. Notable collaborations include Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and NASA, among others.

As a founding faculty member at Rutgers University School of Business, Gilmore teaches several subjects related to digital marketing, including brand management, crisis communications, and global social media law. He holds a Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa degree and is the author of “Social Media Law for Business”. He has also contributed to the book “Strategic Digital Marketing”.

Gilmore advises clients on various aspects, such as strategy, digital marketing, online community building, influencer marketing, reputation management, compliance, governance, and emerging technologies. He is recognized as a travel influencer and has a significant following on social media platforms.

Beyond his professional achievements, Gilmore served two terms as the mayor of Hamilton, NJ, where he received accolades for his energy and leadership. He played a crucial role during America’s Anthrax Crisis and even appeared on major news networks. Gilmore’s commitment to public service is further demonstrated by his role on the board of directors of RWJU Hospital.

With a background in the military, Gilmore served as an infantry platoon leader and received the Army Commendation Medal. He is lauded for his dedication and the crucial crisis leadership training he developed and delivered at NERRTC, Texas A&M.

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Grace Cordovano patient advocade influencer

Grace Cordovano linkedin logo twitter logo

Healthcare Navigating Grand Master & Patient Administrative Burden Hacker

Grace Cordovano is an esteemed healthcare navigating solutionist, board-certified patient advocate, and renowned expert in oncology. With over 20 years of experience, Grace is dedicated to enhancing patient experiences and improving care within the healthcare ecosystem. She collaborates closely with patients and their care partners during critical moments, providing unwavering support.

As an advocate and defrictionizer, Grace amplifies the voices of patients and care partners across various platforms. Her expertise encompasses partnership with patients, the consumerization of healthcare, digitizing the patient experience, reducing Patient Administrative Burden (PAB), and delivering life-focused solutions. She is at the forefront of addressing information blocking faced by patients and care partners, leading the charge through her initiative, Unblock Health.

Grace’s contributions in the healthcare industry have been recognized with awards, and her insights have enlightened audiences worldwide. She is passionate about empowering patients and advocating for their needs. If you’re seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate resource, Grace Cordovano is ready to engage in transformative discussions.

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Hal Wolf healthcare IT influencer

Hal Wolf  linkedin logo twitter logo

President and Chief Executive Officer at HIMSS

Hal Wolf is a highly regarded healthcare and informatics executive with a global reputation. With expertise in integrated care models and mHealth product development, Hal is a recognized authority in the field. His extensive experience spans multiple industries, including product development, marketing, distribution, information technology, and innovation implementation.

Throughout his career, Hal has excelled in diverse market settings and organizational stages, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. His ability to navigate different environments and drive success has made him a sought-after leader in the industry.

With his deep knowledge of healthcare and informatics, Hal has played a crucial role in advancing the development and implementation of integrated care models. His insights and guidance have helped shape the direction of healthcare technology and improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, Hal’s expertise extends to the realm of mHealth, where he has made notable contributions in product development and implementation. His understanding of emerging technologies and their potential impact on healthcare has positioned him as a trusted voice in the field. He is a dynamic and accomplished executive, respected for his leadership, innovation, and commitment to transforming healthcare through integrated care models and mHealth advancements.

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Harvey Castro chat gpt health influencer

Harvey Castro   linkedin logo twitter logo

ChatGPT Healthcare Advisor & Physician with Executive MBA

Harvey Castro is an accomplished physician, entrepreneur, and former CEO of a healthcare system with a passion for revolutionizing healthcare through artificial intelligence (AI). With over two decades of experience, he has become a leading voice in Healthcare Management, Working with Physicians, and integrating Healthcare Management into modern practices.

As a Strategic Advisor for ChatGPT & Healthcare, Harvey focuses on orchestrating AI adoption plans, bridging the technology-healthcare divide, working with physicians to foster innovation, and managing healthcare systems for optimal efficiency.

Harvey’s mission is to create a seamless symbiosis between healthcare professionals, AI developers, and innovative AI solutions. He strives to align AI with clinical needs, safeguard data integrity, ensure technological compatibility, and cultivate staff competence in AI.

Beyond his professional achievements, Harvey is also an author and public speaker, dedicating his efforts to raise awareness and inspire action on AI’s transformative impact in healthcare. He combines his extensive experience in Healthcare, Working with Physicians, and Healthcare Management to provide unique insights into the future of healthcare.

Join Harvey Castro on this exciting journey where innovation, inspiration, and impact converge. Together, we can shape a healthier and more intelligent world as we usher in a new era of healing from the bedside to bytes.

jon warner digitalhealth influencer

Jon Warner linkedin logo twitter logo

CEO and Board Advisory for Digital Health

Jon Warner is a seasoned professional who specializes in providing invaluable insights and guidance to CEOs and Boards of multinational, national, and early-stage organizations in the health and healthcare sectors. With extensive experience in a range of senior roles, including strategy, marketing, business development, operations, logistics, finance, investment, human resources, and engineering/technology, Jon brings a diverse skill set to the table.

As a trusted advisor, Jon offers an outside perspective to help assess critical decisions and determine the best path forward. He is well-versed in providing professional advice, whether through short-term consultations or long-term retained support. Jon’s expertise extends to both for-profit and nonprofit boards, having served in senior positions, including three times as a board chair and six times as a CEO throughout his career.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry, Jon Warner is equipped to navigate the unique challenges faced by organizations in this sector. His wealth of knowledge and ability to synthesize various business functions make him an invaluable asset for organizations seeking strategic guidance and effective decision-making.

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Jordi Serrano Pons doctor influencer

Jordi Serrano Pons   linkedin logo twitter logo

UniversalDoctor Founder

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, a specialized Family Medicine practitioner, is the Founder of UniversalDoctor, a pioneering Digital Global Health Company. He co-founded UhDa Health and collaborates extensively with Governments and International Organizations on innovative Digital Global Health projects.

With a focus on multilingual medical communication, UniversalDoctor has evolved to create cutting-edge Digital Health tools for improved health outcomes. Recognized for excellence, it received the United Nations World Summit Award in 2015.

Jordi’s latest venture, UhDa Health, executes Interventions and Studies on Social Determinants of Health and Planetary Health methodologies.

As a Future50 HIMSS Europe honoree, he is internationally renowned for his involvement in the digital health and innovation space. He served as a Health and Innovation Consultant at the World Health Organization and advises prestigious entities like Fira de Barcelona and The Collider.

Jordi is a speaker at prominent events such as Health 2.0, Convergence Summit, MIHealth, and Mobile World Congress. He holds a degree in Medicine, a Master’s degree in Health and Environment, and a Postgraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Barcelona. He resides in Geneva, Switzerland, and Barcelona, Spain.

ai health influencer jose pedro almeida

José Pedro Almeida linkedin logo twitter logo

World’s Top 70 Health AI & Chief AI Strategist

José Pedro Almeida is a highly accomplished leader in the field of healthcare AI and data analytics. Recognized as one of the world’s Top 70 Health AI Brains and a Top 20 PT World-Changer, he has transformed complex healthcare organizations globally through his expertise. With a strong focus on impact, José Pedro leads high-performance teams that leverage advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, and big data to disrupt the healthcare industry.

With over 15 years of experience and executive education from Insead and Harvard, José Pedro’s work has been instrumental in guiding C-Suite executives in designing and executing impactful data, AI, and digital transformations. Notably, he has achieved significant milestones in his career, including being recognized as a visionary thinker in tech and health AI, winning prestigious competitions, and receiving numerous awards for his contributions to the healthcare industry.

José Pedro’s pioneering work includes the development of Europe’s most advanced Hospital Big Data Analytics Platform, which analyzed billions of patient data points daily. His platform accurately predicted hospital-acquired infections and clinical deterioration events, resulting in substantial cost savings. He has also served as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer for the NHS, where he helped shape their data and AI strategy.

As a global executive passionate about data-driven business transformation and CX disruption, José Pedro Almeida continues to be highly sought-after for his expertise in health AI and digital transformation.

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women in healthcare influencer joy rios

Joy Rios linkedin logo twitter logo

Changemaker in Health IT, Advocate for Health Equity & Empowering Women in HealthcareGalen Growth

Joy Rios is a Healthcare IT Changemaker, Podcast Visionary, and Advocate for Inclusive Leadership. With a background in healthcare IT and value-based care, she has made significant contributions to the industry.

Starting in 2010, Joy led her family business’s transition from document management to EHR distribution in the U.S. She has worked closely with the ONC HHS and developed curricula for healthcare professionals. Joy’s expertise in Meaningful Use, PQRS, and MIPS led her to support clinicians and write books on these subjects.

Growing up with diverse cultural experiences and an appreciation for different backgrounds, Joy recognized the need for balanced representation in healthcare discussions. In 2018, she co-founded the HIT Like a Girl Pod, which has showcased the accomplishments of nearly 400 women and gender-expansive individuals in over 300 episodes.

Passionate about inspiring younger generations and bridging representation gaps in healthcare leadership, Joy aims to create an inclusive future for healthcare IT. She invites others to join her mission and help shape a world where everyone’s contributions are valued.

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karl hess healthtech influencer

Karl Hess linkedin logo twitter logo

Digital health & HealthTech CEO

Karl Hess is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in digital health and investment banking. With over 15 years of experience, he is an expert in successful digital health business models, commercialization, investment, and technologies. Karl has directly interacted with hundreds of digital health companies, spanning pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software as medical devices (SaMD), and population health management (PHM) platforms.

Throughout his career, Karl has played a pivotal role in designing, developing, and commercializing numerous innovative products and services in the digital health space. His contributions have resulted in significant incremental revenue and value-unlocking transactions, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Known as the “Jerry Maguire” of digital health, Karl excels in bridging gaps and aligning diverse stakeholders to execute upon a shared vision. His expertise extends to cross-functional product development, innovation, branding, market research, financial modeling, forecasting, marketing, customer success, and P&L responsibility.

In addition to his work in digital health, Karl has an extensive background in business and corporate development, finance, and private equity. He has been involved in deals worth over $20 billion, including licensing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (JVs), and private equity financings.

Karl’s passion for digital health and his dedication to fulfilling the objectives of the Quintuple Aim make him a valuable asset in taking digital health offerings to the next level.

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ken nelson health investor influencer

Ken Nelson linkedin logo

Board Chairman & Investor at CardiaCare

Ken Nelson is a seasoned leader with 20 years of experience in the digital health, medical device, and remote monitoring industries. As a commercial executive, he has played a vital role in driving the success of top players in the market, including BioTelemetry, iRhythm, and Bardy Diagnostics.

Throughout his career, Ken has demonstrated his ability to build successful teams and cultures that fuel growth and innovation. He has raised over $100M in venture capital funding for iRhythm and Bardy Diagnostics, leading to their successful commercialization and explosive growth. Additionally, he led BioTelemetry to profitability for the first time ever, growing them to become the #1 market share player.

Ken’s expertise extends to areas such as sales and marketing leadership, venture capital fundraising, strategic planning, market development, and building strategic partnerships. He has a track record of driving successful acquisitions and has developed a strong skill set in sales, marketing, finance, and operations.

With an outstanding ability to recruit and develop talent, Ken has consistently exceeded revenue targets and contributed to significant shareholder value. He is known for his strategic mindset, business acumen, and expertise in cardiology and electrophysiology implantables and diagnostics.

Ken Nelson’s accomplishments reflect his dedication to driving innovation, creating winning strategies, and delivering exceptional results in the digital health and medical device industries.

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michael howell CIO influencer

Michael Howell linkedin logotwitter logo

Chief Clinical Officer at Google

Dr. Michael Howell is an accomplished healthcare leader and the Chief Clinical Officer at Google. In his role, he oversees a team of clinical experts who work diligently to explore how technology can enhance healthcare outcomes. With a strong background in quality, safety, and the science of care delivery, Dr. Howell brings a wealth of expertise to his position.

Prior to joining Google, Dr. Howell served as the Chief Quality Officer at the University of Chicago Medicine. He also held faculty positions at the University of Chicago and Harvard, where he specialized in critical care medicine. His extensive experience in both academic and clinical settings has shaped his deep understanding of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Howell is widely recognized for his contributions to the field. He is the author of the influential textbook “Understanding Healthcare Delivery Science,” which has become a fundamental resource for healthcare professionals. With his expertise and commitment to improving healthcare, Dr. Howell continues to make a significant impact in the industry.

With his leadership and visionary approach, Dr. Howell plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and leveraging technology to transform healthcare for the better. His contributions to the field continue to shape the future of healthcare delivery.

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pilar fernandez hermida digital influencer

Pilar Fernández Hermida linkedin logo twitter logo

Founder at i-Expand

Pilar Fernandez Hermida is an international Go-to-Market expert with over 20 years of experience in launching sales and partner ecosystem strategies. As the Founder of i-Expand, a business advisory firm, she specializes in helping Health & Tech companies successfully go to market faster and with reduced risk and cost. Pilar has also established the Healthcare Go-to-Market Academy©, which has been adopted by more than 450 companies, offering a market-proof framework for commercialization.

Pilar is involved in various leadership roles and industry initiatives. She serves as a Board Member of the Digital Health and Care Alliance (DHACA), a mentor at IVMS (Imperial College), and is an in-residence Go-to-Market Expert at several accelerators. Additionally, she contributes as an angel investor, mentor, and non-executive board member.

Proficient in nine languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Galician, Dutch, German, and Russian, Pilar excels at “connecting the dots” and launching innovative revenue-generating business models, encompassing both platforms and pipeline businesses.

Throughout her accomplished career, Pilar has worked across various market segments, partner types, and geographies, with a special focus on the Health and Tech sectors. She has been part of global leadership teams at prominent companies like Cisco and Wolters Kluwer. Pilar’s expertise extends to assisting client organizations and government institutions worldwide in leveraging technology for their goals, including leading delegations to the UN/WHO and standardizing digital health solutions at national levels. Moreover, she has contributed to double-digit growth year over year and played a significant role in raising $350 million in funds.

Prashant Natarajan ai influencer

Prashant Natarajan linkedin logo twitter logo

VP at

Prashant Natarajan is a VP of Strategy and Products at, a prominent open-source AI platform for enterprises. With 15+ years of experience in healthcare analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence, he specializes in product management and vertical AI solutions for health and life sciences.

As a best-selling author, Prashant has written influential books such as “Demystifying AI for the Enterprise” and “Demystifying Big Data and Machine Learning for Healthcare,” shedding light on the intersection of health data and AI. He is deeply committed to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and operational efficiency.

Throughout his career, Prashant has achieved remarkable success at renowned organizations like Deloitte, Siemens/Cerner, McKesson, Oracle, and Unum. His expertise spans various domains, including population health, precision medicine, research and development, and real-world evidence.

Prashant Natarajan is widely recognized as a global authority in his field, and his contributions have positively impacted healthcare systems worldwide. With his extensive knowledge and passion for driving innovation, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare analytics, AI, and data-driven decision-making.

Tom Casstles rock ceo

Tom Cassels linkedin logo

President & CEO at Rock Health

om Casstles is the President & CEO of Rock Health, a firm dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare for all individuals. With a strong focus on making a substantial difference, Rock Health actively supports companies that are enhancing the quality, safety, and accessibility of the healthcare system.

As a leader in the industry,Tom Cassels is committed to driving significant impact and positive change. With a passion for improving healthcare outcomes, he spearheads initiatives that aim to transform the industry on a large scale.

Under Tom’s guidance, Rock Health works tirelessly to address the critical challenges faced by the healthcare system. By partnering with innovative companies and providing them with the necessary resources and expertise, Tom and his team strive to create a future where healthcare is massively better for everyone.

Driven by a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, Tom Cassels brings strategic vision and leadership to Rock Health. His unwavering dedication to improving healthcare and his unwavering belief in the power of innovation make him a key influencer in the industry.

With a focus on impact, Tom Cassels puts his expertise to work, supporting the efforts of companies that are transforming healthcare, ultimately making a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals around the world.

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Discover the Pioneers Shaping Digital Health: 25 Influencers Leading the Way in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of digital health, becoming a noteworthy influencer is a journey marked by insights, innovation, and impactful presence on social media. Let’s explore a curated list of 25 top digital health influencers who are actively shaping the discourse in 2024.

  • Unlocking the Power of Digital Health Influence: Becoming a digital health influencer is not just about sharing information; it’s a commitment to fostering meaningful conversations and contributing to the industry’s evolution. The individuals on this list have successfully carved their niche in the digital health sphere, utilizing social media platforms to amplify their voices and insights.
  • Navigating the Digital Health Ecosystem: Beyond the familiar realms of social media, these influencers showcase the diversity of networks crucial for building a robust personal brand in the digital health landscape. Whether it’s podcasts, webinars, or niche platforms, each influencer illustrates the multifaceted approach to creating a significant impact within the field.
  • Unveiling the Power of Collaboration: In this interconnected digital health space, discover how these influencers share valuable content, collaborate with peers, and become conduits for the latest industry information. Learn where they find inspiration, how they engage with their audience, and the secrets behind their success.
  • Empowering Your Digital Health Presence: For those seeking to enhance their social media presence within the healthcare industry, look no further. If you aspire to be a digital health influencer or wish to elevate your organization’s online visibility, our team is ready to assist. With a wealth of experience, we offer a tailored approach to social media marketing in healthcare.

This list is not ranked in any particular order and is a snapshot of the digital health influencers at this moment. The digital health sphere is dynamic, and new voices are continually emerging. We encourage you to suggest individuals who are making waves in the industry, as this list evolves with the ever-changing landscape of digital health influence.

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