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12 November 2021

Our experience at Health Data Forum Porto 2021

By Miguel Sanchiz
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Health Data Forum took place on 28 to 29 October in Porto – Portugal,  international healthcare operators have exhibited and showcase their latest product offers in the spacious halls of FMUP, Porto University’s Medical School same campus as Saint John University Hospital. The biggest hospital in the North of Portugal.

This summit brought together leading experts and stakeholders to discuss Data science for healthcare. Over two days, at Health Data Forum all of participants had a chance to discuss and debate the future data and technology solutions that need to be put in place for healthcare systems to meet current and future challenges – enabling better, more informed patient care – and to ensure access for all.

Data scientists, healthcare professionals, patients and governance together must help shape the next generation of healthcare systems if we are to overcome one of the biggest challenges humanity faces today. At this two-day summit, experts shared their views and experiences with the audience to find consensus on how data science can help solve some of the complexity of healthcare delivery.

In the heart of Porto University’s Medical School, the Saint John University Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with a focus on a team approach to health care. The hospital provides a full range of support for more than 1.4 million inhabitants of the North region of Portugal, and FMUP strives to reinforce these already successful linkages. For this reason, they have chosen to host Health Data Forum in this prestigious facility.

Digital Salutem was involved in this conference as Corporate Members and our CEO, João Bocas was a Keynote Speaker and Moderator of a session on Wearables and Health Data. The session included an active discussion and overview on the Wearable Technologies of the Future and the role of data in the healthcare of the future.

Lessons learnt from speakers, including the top thought leaders in their field, as they share their experiences and expertise with using wearable health technology. In-depth roundtable discussions that focused on the best ways to move forward in our pursuit of a digitalized medical future.

João Bocas quoted “It is very clear that the only way to solve big and complex problems in healthcare is through collaboration, joining the dots and great minds in order to further important agendas. The Health Data Forum Summit was the perfect example of this. Where many of us strategically approach some of this issues and advanced with meaninful answers as a result of coming together”

There we met Stakeholders from Public Health and Private Healthcare from around the world. We’d like to invite all of you to join us next year!



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