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22 September 2021

Healthcare IT is the new Health Care

By João Bocas
Healthcare IT is the new Health Care

Healthcare IT has grown rapidly in the last decade. From the global patient monitoring market to Healthcare IT products, the industry is looking for ways to improve patient care and services. Understanding of new HealthIT investments and projects will help a company make a break through in this competitive industry. Health Data Management offers readers an overview of key factors that shape the growth of Healthcare IT from devices and data to cloud computing and social media.

Because of the move toward Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) that began in the 1990s, healthcare has always been on the forefront of Information Technology (IT). While other sectors might be getting faster to adopt new technologies, healthcare has always had to grapple with data security issues for medical records while maintaining patient confidentiality.

A recent EMC survey of more than 500 CIOs showed that more than half of the respondents are not prepared to meet cyber attack demands. The more surprising conclusion of the survey is that more than four of every five physicians aren’t aware of the cyber security measures necessary to protect patient health. Not all is doom and gloom, though; collaboration, education and a closely-watched firewall strategy can help protect valuable health data from a major breach.

Healthcare IT grow due to COVID situation

COVID represents one of the largest levels of change in how healthcare organizations behave and there is a lot that has to be sorted through. Personally, we feel we are ready for the cloud and what it can bring to our organization and they see us as a pathfinder. We really want to spearhead the transition in this particular industry and we think we can do it given all we’ve learned.”

COVID has been widely adopted as the definitive method of communication between healthcare organizations for alerting and responding to global pandemics. It is not only imperative that healthcare organizations continue to understand the dynamics of collaboration as it pertains to handling a crisis, but also that they have plans in place to address COVID gaps, either due to lack of capacity or knowledge.

Thanks to customer-centric healthcare and the small data grabs enabled by the cloud, healthcare organizations are now able to deliver personalized care based on their patients’ unique needs.

Digital Hospital a natural evolution of healthcare

Hospitals today have to modernize their IT infrastructure as a means of keeping pace with the advancements in medical delivery and maintaining patient safety. The healthcare application environment is different from other industries, as quality and safety are critical to ensuring the health and wellness of patients.

With the increasing advancements in medical technology, hospitals need to ensure that their infrastructure is on par with these advancements by modernizing their IT systems. The healthcare industry is different from other industries because of hospitals’ primary purpose of ensuring the health and wellbeing of patients.

Hospitals today need not only to keep up, but also to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to information technology. Applications are essential to meeting patient needs, ensuring safety is maintained, and helping reduce miscommunication. Hospital is the pillar of every community, and is at the forefront of medical science and care. Hospitals depend on IT for services such as patient billing and research, which directly impacts their bottom line. Hospital IT departments play a vital role in keeping the hospital running, delivering efficiency and cost savings that benefit patients.


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