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23 November 2021

IHF World Hospital Congress Barcelona Experience

By João Bocas
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The IHF World Hospital Congresss hosted the global forum for hospital leaders, health services and healthcare organizations where was discussed the key drivers of national and international policies, managements, financial trends and solutions. Through this forum, multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge, expertise and experiences were facilitated, together with dialogue on best practices in leadership, management and service delivery.

Hospital leaders are being pushed to evolve their organizations at lightning speed, transforming them into agile, responsive, and resilient patient-centered organizations.

Join us on COVID-19 forum to learn how your organization can prepare better for the future.

Hospital and health care providers will need to embrace this transformation so it remains effective in the future. This congress will offer you an opportunity to learn from real-life experiences by those involved in these transformations.

The IHF World Hospital Congress explored the critical topics in healthcare in an environmental digital era unlike any other. The conference was hosted in Barcelona at Fira Montjuïc in November, 08-11-2021, by La Unión Catalina de Hospitales (UCH). It was one-stop-shop for the healthcare professionals seeking the opportunity and environment in order to engage in a 360 degree learning and knowledge sharing.

Digital Salutem was involved in this conference and our CEO, João Bocas was a Keynote Speaker of a Parallel Session: Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare travel and its future prospects with Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Dr. Antoni Arias-Enrich, Dr. Prem Jagyasi and Irving Stackpole.

This session was hosted by Private Hospitals Association, Jordan. There we learned about the expansion of healthcare travel based on Amman Declaration HT8 which was announced during the International Healthcare Travel Forum in 2017. It included eight healthcare travel pillars: medical tourism, dental tourism, wellness tourism, spas tourism, culinary tourism, sports tourism, assisted residential tourism and accessible tourism.

You’d learn about healthcare travel in its broaden term and how the sector was badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic.
These international experts shared their experience and their pioneering actions taken to overcome the challenges and limitations of healthcare travel, opportunities, ways of recovery, and how to adapt to the new era with the help of digital health and innovative solutions.

João Bocas “It was great to take part in the 44th World Hospital Congress. I truly enjoyed the event, the caliber of Speakers, the content and, overall, the interactions were at a very high standard. As a Keynote Speaker, I have contributed to the event. However, learning about common industry challenges, witnessing firsthand good practices with concrete examples from around the world was priceless. And, I’ve made very important connections with other Leaders that in turn will flourish in meaningful digital health collaborations. ”

There we met hospital stakeholders, providers and healthcare professionals from around the world.

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