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25 October 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the potential of telehealth

By João Bocas
the potential of telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the potential of telehealth, a broad term used to describe virtually any form of healthcare administered through electronic means. Remote monitoring, implementation of drugs and other treatments, and even surgical operations all fall under this category.

Remote monitoring, implementation of drugs and other treatments, even surgical operations are all possible with telehealth unit. Some devices allow physicians to monitor patients’ conditions in virtually any environment anywhere in the world. Its digital interface makes it easy to set up audio and video connections to ensure that care can be rendered quickly and accurately, wherever it’s needed most.

Variable air print technology enables real-time, two-way communication between the surgeon and patient. Remote monitoring allows for constant checkups on patients. The implementation of drugs through telehealth increases the precision of drug administration. And the country’s newest specialty hospital offers cybernetic implants to all Parkinson’s patients during surgery. Telehealth is the healthcare of tomorrow.

Computers and telephones, fax machines and the Internet, televisions and health care-these technologies can be difficult to understand. On the surface, they seem unrelated. But the connection is there. These devices promote primary and preventive care, improve information flow, cut costs, and ensure continuity of treatment. And the government is making these technologies available to you in an unprecedented way.

Even when a new drug or device is approved, only decades of medical studies can tell us whether it will live up to our expectations. A new discipline, telehealth (also known as telemedicine or digitalhealth), aims to accelerate medical development by moving humans out of the equation. A new European Union (EU) project called COVID-19 invites developers to use cloud services and AI algorithms to build systems that let humans make discoveries and learn more about disease and drugs, by mining the oceans of data that we’re amassing on ourselves and our environment.

The new telehealth apps help provide solutions to healthcare problems in the home and at the bedside. For example, an AI-powered app can identify cysts and other forms of lung cancer by mining X-ray images. Such technology will make healthcare more efficient and accessible for patients and doctors alike.

These technologies promise to make our health care system more efficient, but they’re only as good as the people who use them. That’s why we’ve developed telehealth. Push button access. Networked app development. Comprehensive disclosure of healthcare services. We believe collaboration is the future—one that makes your physician smarter, your health care easier, and your life better. All these innovations are driving to underline the potential of telehealth.

The potential of telehealth: digitization in healthcare

The greatest challenges in the field of healthcare delivery are not unique to any one country or region. Across the world, countries struggle to balance the rights and needs of their populations with limited resources. Many nations struggle to provide a high-quality standard of care to a growing elderly population.

The state of development of telehealth services at an international level and analyzes the emerging business models and emerging technologies that will be key to future developments. It also discusses the various regulatory and reimbursement issues that need to be addressed to support growth in this field.

Imagine getting personalized treatment tailored to your needs, any time of day. Digitalization means that new technologies are making it possible to build lifelong profiles on every one of us, which will then support quick and effective diagnoses. A new approach to healthcare is being created, where highly individualized medicine is available for practically anyone who needs it.

Because digitization allows us to monitor and track patient progress constantly, we can now monitor the whole process of disease. This means we can create unique individualized treatment plans for each patient. This is the way of the future. We call this telehealth.


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