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14 October 2022

Our Presence at The Neuro, Digital, AI and Innovation Summit

By João Bocas
The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 5

This prestigious event took place in Lisbon and was hosted by the Champalimaud Foundation at its world class facilities.

The Champalimaud Foundation has the world’s first pancreatic cancer research and treatment centre. The Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cancer Centre has the first unit in the world designed and built specifically with the aim of researching and treating pancreatic cancer. This Centre is the result of a partnership between the Champalimaud Foundation and Maurício and Carlotta Botton, who contributed 50 million euros to its construction.

Over the past 20 years, the number of people with pancreatic cancer has increased exponentially throughout most of the world, especially in the most industrialised countries. Pancreatic cancer is already the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Europe and in the next 10-20 years it is estimated that the number of new cases could increase by over 70%, becoming the second leading cause of cancer death in Europe and the USA.

The Neuro, Digital, AI and Innovation Summit

The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 2     The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 7

The event included all neuroscience, psychiatry and digital health innovation-leaders, decision-makers & KOLs, from all stakeholder groups, to join an open format, high-engagement, interactive, cross industry, multi-disciplinary summit of roundtable discussions on meeting both the challenges and the opportunities in brain health innovation.

This premium digital partnering in a dedicated stream with a global network on the BiotechGate Digital Partnering Platform. This approach is designed to maximize partnering opportunities without missing out on the in-person networking and program sessions.

Digital Salutem was an event partner, we contributed to the promotion of thenevent by mobilizing our global networks, as well as contributing to the event program.

The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 3The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 6

Our CEO, João Bocas – The Wearables Expert delivered a talk focus on Wearables and Monitoring, with a session focusing on Brain focused monitoring, wearables & stimulation – consumer & clinical segments. João share his vision for Wearables ” Wearables Can Change the World ” and also share magnificent insights and outstanding content:

For many years we talked about technology and data, and for some reason it has always been a misalignment. Now we are at the stage where healthcare is more mature, that we have enough data to leverage all the existent technological developments. Some of you may even argue that we have too much data.

This is why my vision of the Combination of Wearables and Artificial Intelligence will be the game changer in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Now we have all the elements in place to successfully make an impact in human health.

The combination of wearables and AI however, is such a setting. Wearables provide the opportunity to collect continuous, individual health data. They allow for healthcare to be more personal, and provide means to get people more involved in their well-being. Interest in wearables is growing.

Many interesting conversations are developing already, as Digital Health and Wearables are gaining momentum, our role as a global leader in Wearables & Digital Health Intelligence and Solutions for the Healthcare & Life Sciences is becoming more and more important. We do not only consider ourselves as great collaborators, innovators & industry pioneers, we are bring immense value to our partners and clients.

We look forward to working with your organization and collaborating with you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 4 The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit 8  The Neuro Digital AI and Innovation Summit

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