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06 October 2021

Wearable devices that were introduced by Tech giants

By João Bocas
Wearable devices that were introduced by Tech giants

Wearable devices that were introduced by Tech giants. As the technology continues to mature, more advanced means of leveraging wearable tech will be introduced in following years. Today’s wearables include smartwatches, smart glasses and even smart clothing. They come in the form of wearables that are highly functional, with features that can perform extensive tasks. These devices are equipped with enhanced voice recognition, visual display interfaces and biometrics, capable of interacting with people through natural language. These apps are expected to progress into the future, offering direct brain-to-device interaction, whole body monitoring functionality and real-time access to cloud based data via apps installed on the wearable device.

While wearables were initially designed as a fitness tracker, they have evolved to deliver far more than that. The near future will usher innovative wearable devices that will make sure you are not only on the right track, but you will also be able to receive real-time solutions.

We’ve already seen many designs in the wearable technology sector. There are smartwatches with capabilities such as monitoring heart rate, smart glasses that go beyond helping people view texts and notifications and enable them to complete tasks like staying in touch via video conferencing, and also apps that push information to their users when they need it. There has been a rise in demand for wearables from the users as these devices have been upgraded to offer more convenience and faithfulness for their users. Wearables came as a boon to those who wanted their computing power to be delivered not only from the palm of their hands but also from other parts of their body.

Here are some of the latest wearable devices that were introduced by tech giants in 2021

Apple has unveiled its newest invention, AssistiveTouch, which allows one to control an Apple Watch through a series of hand and finger gestures. Succeeding on the technology front, one can now operate their wearable device without pressing buttons or touching it. This accessory known as AssistiveTouch can be regarded as a new revolution in the smart watch industry, where it is based on our latest technology when it comes to wearable accessories. It allows one to control an Apple Watch through a series of hand and finger gestures. The technology is progressing leaps and bounds in the tech industry with innovations being unleashed in the wearable market.

Smart Glasses are designed for wear-and-share. They can be worn on an everyday basis or gifted to somebody who needs them. Using near-to-eye optical waveguide technology, the product firstly integrates the display into the glasses lenses, so that users can simultaneously see the digital content and live, physical world at the same time. It also incorporates various sensors to track user behaviors and behaviors of other people in their field of view. Consequently, this remarkable Smart Wearable Device employs face recognition algorithms to launch intelligent digital services according to real-time conditions — an active lifestyle empowered.

Mi Glasses use MicroLED optical waveguide technology to project images directly onto the retina of your eye. Thousands of little LEDs are arranged into an array, fusing together to form a single, seamless display. The viewing experience is better than that of typical mobile devices, with purer colors and deeper black levels. It is also more comfortable on the eyes because the light is evenly distributed, instead of shining into your eyes from one corner like on some other devices.

Over the past year, Samsung’s been working on a lot of smart home products that add intelligence to one’s daily routines. They’ve introduced new smart appliances that help turn your home into a Smart Home, particularly, a new fridge that tracks food and water consumption patterns while also automatically ordering items through if one runs out of it.

The Cyber Dog is a modular, biomimetic robot kit. Although the kit is designed primarily to be used for learning about intelligent control and advanced robotics, you can also use it as an educational tool — an entertaining toy. The kit combines hardware, software, motion control sensors, power management, wireless comms and computational intelligence into a single package.

Microsoft is “all in on delivering passwordless experiences” by partnering with Samsung on new devices. The collection of biometric-based authentication options available today, including face, iris and fingerprint scanning, support multiple form factors and operational environments, opening more opportunities for consumers to authenticate securely. The Microsoft Band was designed to stay on your wrist, while working hard to help you do the same. The durable carbon steel frame is built to withstand activity. From runs, hikes and weight training to every other sport imaginable.

Facebook’s latest foray into wearable technology? Blending fashion with technology, via Ray-Ban sunglasses that are basically a phone. They have the potential to take pictures, videos, make phone calls and listen to music. But perhaps most notable is their tagline – “if you can talk, you can wear them.”

Keeping up with the rapid advancement of technology, Facebook has entered the wearable arena in partnership with Ray-Ban. The sleek and lightweight frames are designed to complement the aesthetics of its brand portfolio. Users can scan their personalized QR code in order to connect to their Facebook account and enjoy a more connected social media experience. Keeping in touch is easy with made and received calls, access to Messenger and camera functionality for capturing moments and live video chatting. This makes it simple to share life’s experiences; hands free.


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