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27 April 2022

HIMSS 22: Popular and Interesting Trends Encountered

By João Bocas

I had the pleasure of attending HIMSS 22. The conference is always amazing but this year there were many new sessions, technologies and companies to experience.

My experience at HIMSS 22

It was extremely pleasing being involved in a Physical event, meeting people face to face again. It was a magnificent experience to be in Orlando, at one of the biggest healthcare industry events.

Firstly, I need to thank our Partner Spirit Health for their kindness to have me as part of their UK delegation represented at HIMSS. Great to see Chris Barker, Nadine Miles and Karrie Wallace at HIMSS 22 – I wish we’d spent more time together.

It was great to meet industry friends for the first time, reconnect with many industry connections, clients and make new contacts as well. All business are about people, life is about people and certainly, Healthcare is all about People, now many slogans talk about Humanizing Healthcare – it starts with the Industry professionals and those working on it day in day out.

I was also involved in a very interesting panel invited by Dell Technologies – Managing Healthcare Cyber Threats and Protecting Patient Data at the Edge. Moderated by John Lynn, and Chrissa McFarlane, CEO and Founder, Patientory, Inc , Drex DeFord, Executive Healthcare Strategist, CrowdStrike and Steven Lazer, Global Healthcare CTO,Dell Technologies the other expert panelists.

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DELL keynote HIMSS 22 DELL keynote HIMSS

There were a full-on 3 days for me, meetings with Ascom , AT&T , Dell Technologies , Agfa HealthCare , Fitbit (now part of Google)InnovaccerMicrosoft , Lumeon , LG ElectronicsHitachi

I meet these fantastic people there: Sarah Marsden, Scott Andrew, Liz Ashall-Payne, Dana Wolfe, Clara Hustad, Joe Drygas, Ann Vernie, Véronique Lessens, Kristina Rylova, Tim Wager, Amanda Brownlie,| Birgitta Perezic, Chris Lewis, Angeles Baquerizo, MD, PhD, FACS, Lisa Kinakin… (apologies if I missed anyone, I really spoke to a few people).

For me it’s all about people, business and life are about people and healthcare is certainly about people.

I am really looking forward to progressing some of the conversations initiated at HIMSS 22.

Industry Insights

Patient-Centricity: We must deliver technology solutions that eliminate work, deliver value, and the unnecessary workarounds that make everyone’s jobs more tedious and tiring. Clinicians are also at the center of creating efficiencies that therefore are translated in Patient Centricity with a better service, a more focused intervention, and an improved health outcome qualitative result.

Data Unification: Data and Collaborative care require interoperable solutions. It’s time to tear down technology, information and functional silos. That’s why everyone is now looking for solutions that bring everything together in one place. We want to ensure our front-line heroes have the tools they need to work cooperatively with everyone inside and outside their organization involved in patient care and community healthcare where all stakeholders play a crucial role.

Hybrid Healthcare Model: The combination of Virtual Care and presential healthcare delivery is now a reality. Going forward this tendency seems to prevail, the pandemic certainly had a very high impact on making this trend a new and a very establish one right away. We see now most of the HCP ( Healthcare Providers ) offering both alternatives to patients giving them the flexibility to choose what suits them.

Increase in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) adoption: everybody is talking about AI for some time, well it exists for a while. I always remember Jeopardy – the famous TV program where IBM Watson with AI capabilities brought humans as second-best time in time again back in 2011. We are certainly seeing AI taking a more impactful and practical application in the Healthcare delivery where data reigns and it is imperative to find ways and means to leverage health/medical data to succinct information.

Patient Empowerment: The Role of patients has evolved dramatically over the years, now more than ever is essential for patients to understand that they can and should become independent towards their care. One of the missing elements is health education, now the industry as a whole is trying to address these gaps. At HIMSS we’ve seen much more dialogue around fundamentals issues and also a great focus on giving patients a voice, which is extremely important going forward towards a more sustainable healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

As conclusion, I was actually very surprised not to see more innovators and especially more IoT , Medical Devices, hardware and Wearable Device companies. It was a very light representation to be honest if we take into account that the Future of Healthcare passes by them. They are crucial to acquire data , human behavior and the vital signs associated to many diseases.

Now that we are heading to a more virtual model of care, remote patient monitoring will be the norm. How can we achieve that ? Well, with medical devices and Wearables.

Ask us more about Remote Patient Monitoring, as we are in a very privileged position to help your organization create and implement a new model of care that is more sustainable, more affordable and more flexible for clinicians & patients.

At Digital Salutem we are on the mission to make healthcare uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

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